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🌴 Tropical Belizean Blast 🌴 tart hibiscus ∙ sweet coconut ∙ mango orange citrus Close your eyes while sipping on this sweet and fruity tea-cocktail and you will be convinced you are lounging on a Belizean beach under the warm sun and palm trees. The tart hibiscus and sweet cinnamon flavors from the Belizean Sorrel Guayusa blend beautifully with the smooth coconut flavors from the Coconut Black tea, as the Orange Blossom Honey adds a touch of mellow citrus. The mango orange ice cubes are just as tasty as they are aesthetically pleasing! Did You Know? The Belizean Sorrel Guayusa and Coconut Black were one of the tea blends we shipped in the Spring Tea Club Box? Subscribe to our Tea Club here to get your Summer box in June!...

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SPRING TEA CLUB   blends for the season 🌸 🌱 🌸 Spring is officially here! That means we whipped up new tea blends and curated a tea-box that captures the spirit of the season with ingredients that energize, refresh, and boost our spirits! These shareable blends are perfect for sunny afternoon walks, brunch dates, or sipping while barefoot in the garden and will inspire you to dive energetically into the Spring season! You may have miss out on the Spring Tea Club shipment but you can still order the blends we shared online or get them from your local OBTC! Here are the blends we included in the Spring Tea Club box. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ SPRING TEA CLUB RECAP The blends and the inspo behind the Spring shipment....

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The Mental Focus Gift Set Stimulate & Refresh Your Brain The Mental Focus Gift Set The products in this gift set work together to promote and stimulate mental alertness, and improve mood. Having a refreshing cup of Peppermint and Guayusa tea in the morning will enliven your senses and start your day off on an energized note. Peppermint Essential Oil promotes memory and improves focus, and the Brainiac Tincture (just a dropper full into your cup of tea) will increase blood flow to your brain!   WHAT IS IN THE MENTAL FOCUS GIFT SET? ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ PEPPERMINT & GUAYUSA TASTING NOTES: earthy ∙ minty ∙ grassy This simple blend is earthy and refreshing with peppermint! Guayusa is an Amazonian plant that...

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Higher Antioxidant Activity than Green Tea and Traditional Guayusa Our guayusa has more antioxidants - chlorogenic acids than green tea (Camellia sinensis). Garcia-Ruiz et. al. (2017) determined that even though raw guayusa leaves had lower antioxidant activity than Camellia sinensis leaves, processed guayusa showed much higher antioxidant activity. For example, they reported an increase of 48.5% total phenolic content in our guayusa leaves. This means our guayusa leaves have a total phenolic content of 107 mg gallic acid equivalents per gram, which is higher than Camellia sinensis teas and higher than yerba mate. What do Antioxidants and Chlorogenic Acids do to your body? A review reports that chlorogenic acid may help lower blood sugar levels and reduce insulin spikes by...

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ENERGIZE BODY & MIND Peppermint & Guayusa TASTING NOTES: earthy ∙ minty ∙ grassy DRINK TO: boost energy stimulate mental alertness and mood stimulate digestion and metabolism soothe headaches get antioxidants WORK OUT / WORK BUDDY This tea is refreshing and energizing for the body and mind! Guayusa is the slightly more caffeinated relative of Yerba Mate. We love Guayusa because of its bold earthiness and how forgiving it is of high steep temperatures (Matés can become astringent and ashy when steeped in water that is too hot, whereas Guayusa is a little more resilient). The combination of Guayusa and Peppermint promotes physical and mental energy, as well as healthy digestion and metabolism!

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