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ENERGIZE BODY & MIND Peppermint & Guayusa TASTING NOTES: earthy ∙ minty ∙ grassy DRINK TO: boost energy stimulate mental alertness and mood stimulate digestion and metabolism soothe headaches get antioxidants WORK OUT / WORK BUDDY This tea is refreshing and energizing for the body and mind! Guayusa is the slightly more caffeinated relative of Yerba Mate. We love Guayusa because of its bold earthiness and how forgiving it is of high steep temperatures (Matés can become astringent and ashy when steeped in water that is too hot, whereas Guayusa is a little more resilient). The combination of Guayusa and Peppermint promotes physical and mental energy, as well as healthy digestion and metabolism!

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Check out these iced tea blends - they'll keep you feeling cool and hydrated so you can play in the July sun!  ️ The Tangy Refresher: Blood Orange & Lemongrass The Coconut Dessert Coconut Black & Horchata Rooibos The Minty Energizer Peppermint & Guayusa The Spicy Peach White Peach & Ginger Attn: don't throw this tea in the harbor. We decided we're ok with taxes after all.

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MARCH 2020 Hello March! Have any of you seen the memes expressing that January lasted a year and February lasted a week?? Because I feel that! OBTC ended the month of February with a staff retreat filled with lots of learning and TEA(m) bonding, and on behalf of OBTC, I am feeling refreshed and motivated to sling some tea this Spring! Read below and learn about our tea, spice, and essential oil of the month! Tea of the Month: Guayusa & Berry Guayusa grows in the Amazon Rainforest and is lesser known across the world. Guayusa is nutrient dense, rich in amino acids, and high in antioxidants. When drinking Guayusa, you may notice your energy levels rising, along with a feeling of...

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SLIDE INTO FRIDAY NIGHT WITH VIGOR: ENERGIZING BLENDS Sometimes you need a little kick to carry you into the weekend… Check out our favorite ways to get the boost! 👇 PECAN PIE PU ERHIngredients: pu erh tea, black tea, pecans, safflower, and natural flavorsNutty. Decadent. Dessert-like.Serve hot with honey & cream!  IRISH PU ERHIngredients: pu erh tea, yerba maté, lemongrass, apple pieces, natural apple flavor, and rose hipsBright. Refreshing. Fruit-forward.Serve iced & unsweetened, or blended with CLEANSE TEA! BEE POLLEN BLACKIngredients: black tea, apple pieces, bee pollen, natural vanilla flavor, marigold flowersBold. Honey-Sweet. Vanilla.Serve hot with honey & cream! GUAYUSAIngredients: dried guayusa leavesEarthy. Smooth. Fresh.Serve hot or iced unsweetened blended with PEPPERMINT! HONEYSUCKLE BLOSSOM OOLONG Ingredients: oolong with honeysuckle buds, lemongrass, apples, marigold flowers, and...

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OBTC ThermosTake your tea with you when you go! OBTC BAMBOO THERMOSThis thermos keeps tea cold or hot all day long! It's durable, leak proof, and it fits in standard sized cup holders, making it easy to travel with. Bring it to work, to school, to the gym, or on a hike! Teas to go with you and your thermos: Pumpkin Pie ChaiFlavor: creamy, rich & dessert-likePrepared: hot with a big scoop of Wildflower Honey & a dash of cream​Caffeine freeGreat for detox & disease prevention! Peppermint & Lemongrass​Flavor: refreshing & herbal Prepared: hot or iced, unsweetened or with a spoonful of Avocado HoneyCaffeine free​Soothing for most common ailments including upset stomach, headaches, sinus issues, & inflammation. Irish Pu ErhFlavor: bright apple and lemongrass...

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