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Fall Club 🍁☕️

HELLO FALL the inspiration behind the fall tea club ☕️ ✨ 🍁 The Fall Tea Club captures the spirit of the season, and you can expect ingredients in these blends that infuse that Autumn feeling into our activities this time of year! These blends are perfect to unwind with next to the fireplace, carve pumpkins with, take to-go for outdoor sports games, and pick apples in an orchard with. These blends satisfy that seasonal sweet tooth, boost your body's immunity and get you energized for the daily hustle and bustle. MORE ON THE SEASONAL TEA CLUB: WHAT IT IS? Our seasonal tea club includes 6 of our favorite blends for the season crafted by our herbalist and master blender in Albuquerque,...

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SEPTEMBER INTENTIONS: BOOT YOUR BRAIN HEALTH & LIVE A PREVENTATIVE LIFESTYLE September is here and little hints of Fall are in the air! This month is a time of year that is incredibly busy and eventful. Whether you are sending the kids back to school, going to school yourself, handling new projects at work or home, or just participating in the abundant activities this Fall, your brain is definitely at work and could probably use some lovin'.  This month we are focusing on boosting brain health and taking steps to live a preventive lifestyle. Having some brain fog or have some issues concentrating? Maybe have a history of brain related disease in your family? You may want to introduce some...

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YOGA PAIRING try the campfire essential oil blend with these relaxing poses The Campfire Essential Oil Blend 4 parts Sweet Orange, 2 parts Frankincense, & 1 part Ginger A scent as old as time, the aroma of a campfire inspired this combination! This blend is intended to create grounding effects that inspire you to look inward, while also strengthening the immune system, and promoting healthy cellular turnover. Try pairing the campfire essential oil blend with these yoga poses in the evening to wind down from the day. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ 1. Mindful Breathing Sit or lie down comfortably, and breathe in deeply and fully. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Breathe in to the count of 5, completely filling the lungs, and...

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GREEN CHILE FUEGO CIDER an immune system boosting folk remedy The cultivation of chile in New Mexico began around 1600, so it's no surprise that green chile is a huge part of New Mexican culture. One variety of chile adapted particularly well in the hot and arid climate of New Mexico. This very chile has become one of our favorite ingredients and a staple in the New Mexican diet - green chile! These chiles have adapted so well to their environment that the same plots of land used hundreds of years ago are still used for the same purpose, and still produce that mouth-watering fruit (yes it's a fruit)! Did you know green chile is incredibly good for you? Some...

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SELF CARE SATURDAY 🌿 stretch & refresh 🌿 STRETCHING = ENDORPHIN RELEASE Did you know that stretching your body can release endorphins and help improve your mood? Endorphins are part of your bodies' natural reward system - this is why we often stretch involuntarily after waking up in the morning or before we go to bed. It's our bodies' way of motivating us to keep moving and using our muscles! Besides enjoying an endorphin rush, stretching can also relieve muscle tension and stress, can increase your flexibility and circulation, and can even improve your posture. It is a form of self care - which is something we like to practice at least once a week! This month we are building...

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