cocktail tea box
+ recipes you'll fall in love with
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This box is made up of our favorite teas we enjoy making cocktails and mocktails with!

The teas included are:

Tropical Cinnamon Sangria, Strawberry Mojito, Prickly Pear, Bourbon Brew, Coconut Limoncello, and Blood Orange.

The Cocktail Box

Check out these tea cocktail recipes

Blood Orange Bourbon on the Rocks

This delicious mocktail doesn't actually contain any ✨ spirit ✨, but you can certainly amp it up with your favorite bourbon to create a perfect spin on an Old Fashioned!

Wine Infused Tropical Cinnamon Sangria

This sangria recipe is easy to fall in love with and might become a regular recipe for you this summer, just sayin. 😉

Need a picker upper? Try these green teas.


Mango Paradise

Mango Paradise

Jasmine White Monkey Green

Jasmine White Monkey Green



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