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chamomile lavender ginger ale 🌼 🌿 🌼 wellness tonic for spring This spring mocktail recipe is a leveled up ginger ale with lavender, lemon and chamomile flavors! Made with our Lavender Sage Lemonade and Chamomile tea, this mocktail is the perfect mid day quencher and great for kids or those who prefer non alcoholic drinks. It is sweetened with an Orange Blossom and Ginger simple syrup and garnished with candied ginger and spearmint. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Lavender Sage Lemonade Chamomile Ginger Orange Blossom Honey INGREDIENTS: (makes 2 servings) For simple syrup: 4 tsp. Ginger 1/2 cup Orange Blossom honey 1/2 cup hot water For mocktail: 5 oz boiling water 4 tsp. Lavender Sage Lemonade 3 tsp. Chamomile ice squeeze of fresh lemon juice unsweetened sparkling water to top candied...

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an iced tea guide: + essential brew tools and how to use them Warm weather has officially arrived and that means it is officially iced tea season! If you've ever been to one of our tea shops, you might have had a sample of iced tea. Maybe you wondered, "How do I make it exactly like this?" 🤔 Good news - we are sharing exactly how we do it, plus some more tips and tricks when it comes to making your tea iced. Check out our warm weather brew tools: ⬇ The only iced tea maker you will ever need. This iced tea maker uses the flash chill method, which chills freshly brewed tea in seconds, locking in freshness, flavor, and nutrients at...

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🐝 bee pollen black 🐝 + all you need to know about this re-imagined blend We made it even better. In celebration of pollinator season, we have re-imagined our Bee Pollen Black (AKA our best selling blend). The new recipe has even more creamy vanilla bean flavor and red rooibos for an extra wellness boost. Rooibos has a subtle nutty characteristic and low astringency, which adds to the creamy decadence of this fan favorite. Many people report this tea tasting like birthday cake, so we made it taste even MORE decadent and creamy. We hope you love it. 🌼 So how would we recommend making it? Add 1-2 teaspoons in 8 oz of hot water and steep for 5 minutes. One of the...

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Yoga & Tea Pairing Check out our March yoga flow with our favorite yogi, Ashley. Mango Paradise This tropical green tea blend is bright with mango and coconut flavor. It supports healthy brain function, boosts metabolism and is rich in antioxidants. To pair it with Ashley's yoga sequence, we recommend adding 1-2 teaspoons of tea in 8 oz of hot water for 4 minutes. Add honey and serve iced! Spring energy is all around us, and this month we are pairing our Mango Paradise green tea with a St Patrick's Day inspired yoga sequence that helps clear out stagnant energy that has been stored over the cold winter months. It is designed to bring creative and fun energy to support...

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Jasmine White Monkey sweet florals & herbaceous undertones 🍃 🤍 🍃 mood boosting & simply refreshing. Jasmine White Monkey is a delicately floral traditional green tea that is wholesome and soothing! Green tea has this special amino acid in it called L-theanine which works to improve your mood and reduce stress. Why is it called "white monkey?" There's a few theories of where the name came from. Some say it was named that because in early tea processing days, tea farmers would train monkeys to pick these tea leaves in the tops of the trees. (Whether this is true or not, monkeys definitely don't pick tea leaves anymore.) Another theory says that after the young tea buds are gathered and processed...

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