seasonal tea club blends - fall 2023

There is quiet energy in the air and a crispness that cools the skin and makes you aware of the warmth you radiate from within. Fall is the season of harvest. In this season we flex our savviness, our preparedness, and our craftiness. We preserve our fruits, we pickle our veggies and we store our crops to carry us through the cold months. And we look forward to our hibernation period; where we slow down, look inward, and enjoy the calmness that the season brings. These quite months are celebrated outside -- by picking fruit in the orchard, taking hay rides, and enjoying long walks on fallen leaves. This is a time of year we show our gratitude for the gifts the Earth provides. We hope these tea blends bring a buzz of celebration to your heart and make you feel more connected to the earth and the people who you spend the season with.

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