seasonal tea club blends - winter 2023

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Winter is here and so is everything indulgent and nostalgic! We gather for the holidays with friends and family and fill our homes with chatter and cheer while something delicious bakes in the oven, made by none other than Abuela, Granny, Oma, Nana or whatever your family calls that special lady.
She's got that special touch and everything she makes tastes as if actual love was stirred into it. Her timer dings and she slips on her worn-out oven mitts to pull out a dessert from the oven. The aroma instantly takes you back to a simpler time in childhood when you shared bites from her wooden spoon and got to lick up every last bit of sweetness from the bowl.
This winter we are celebrating and embracing the traditions, stories, recipes and people that make these memories so special. We hope these indulgent tea blends bring you a feeling of nostalgia and that you share them with all of your favorite people.

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