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Goodnight World! HELLO BEDTIME Lemongrass & Chamomile This soothing combination is so simple, yet satisfying! Lemongrass adds a vibrant freshness, while chamomile rounds out the flavor with a comforting floral and honey-like flavor. This blend is AMAZING for combating inflammation and preparing the body for a restorative night's sleep! Sleep is the foundation of health! You deserve to feel wonderfully alert tomorrow. Make yourself some herbal tea and follow these healthy sleep habits… 1. Get your bedroom temp right - between 60℉ and 67℉. 2. Start hydrating early in the afternoon so you can go to bed feeling hydrated, and don't forget to use the bathroom before bed.  Bathroom breaks are one of the primary reasons sleep decline is observed...

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→ wellness booster ← G∙I∙N∙G∙E∙R   Ginger is popular for its vibrant and spicy flavor, but it has also been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments. Here is why...  Ginger acts as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Ginger is a great tool for reducing risk of disease. It is also helpful for protecting our bodies from the damaging effects of aging, including cognitive decline, like Alzheimer's Disease. Ginger is useful in reducing soreness after exercise and soothing inflammation related aches and pains. Ginger is especially effective for combatting nausea, because it accumulates in the digestive tract. It is commonly used to combat nausea associated with pregnancy, chemotherapy, and motion sickness. Ginger can also help to...

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Trust us, the juice is worth the squeeze 🍋 Prickly Pear Lemonade INGREDIENTS: dried lemongrass, green rooibos, sencha green tea, hibiscus, pear, safflower, and natural flavor TASTING NOTES: subtle citrus ∙ sweet melon ∙ delicate tanginess DRINK TO: 🌱 GET VITAMIN C🌱 COMBAT FREE RADICALS🌱 REDUCE INFLAMMATION🌱 BOOST BRAIN HEALTH🌱 HYDRATE MAKE IT A LEMONADE: 1. Steep a full pitcher of Lemongrass and Prickly Pear tea. 2. Use your honey dipper to add a generous amount of honey (to taste). 3. Squeeze and drop 3 - 5 lemons into your pitcher. 4. Allow to chill and serve iced with a lemon wedge. IT IS SO REFRESHING.

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V∙I∙T∙A∙M∙I∙N → C ← Vitamin C does more than boost immunity - it makes EVERYTHING better! Check out the benefits… 1. Collagen Production: Vitamin C helps us produce collagen, the component that makes healthy fibrous tissue (such as muscles, bones, and skin). Collagen is widely marketed as a product to prolong the youthful appearance of skin, but it affects so much more than the way we look! Collagen affects everything from the gut to the eyes and keeps all our fibrous tissue strong and healthy. 2. Protects Cells from Free-Radical Damage: Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and can regenerate antioxidants in the body. This protects from oxidation and stress that cause premature aging and disease. Studies are showing that high doses...

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ENERGIZE BODY & MIND Peppermint & Guayusa TASTING NOTES: earthy ∙ minty ∙ grassy DRINK TO: boost energy stimulate mental alertness and mood stimulate digestion and metabolism soothe headaches get antioxidants WORK OUT / WORK BUDDY This tea is refreshing and energizing for the body and mind! Guayusa is the slightly more caffeinated relative of Yerba Mate. We love Guayusa because of its bold earthiness and how forgiving it is of high steep temperatures (Matés can become astringent and ashy when steeped in water that is too hot, whereas Guayusa is a little more resilient). The combination of Guayusa and Peppermint promotes physical and mental energy, as well as healthy digestion and metabolism!

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