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b∙e∙r∙g∙a∙m∙o∙t the fruit responsible for the accidental birth of Earl Grey Anyone who is familiar with Earl Grey tea knows the fragrant, citrusy scent and distinct flavor of bergamot. But what exactly is it? Bergamot is a tropical citrus fruit common throughout the Mediterranean. It looks like a mix of an orange and a lime, and tastes the same way as it smells: tart and acidic.  The Story Behind Earl Grey: Earl Grey tea was named after Earl Charles Gray who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1830-1834. It is unclear as to why the tea was named after him, but the tea itself is said to have been created accidentally when a container of tea and bergamot oranges were shipped...

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Essential Oils Of The Month ∙ peppermint ∙ eucalyptus ∙ lemongrass ∙ Spring is in full swing, and one of the best parts about it is that feeling of taking a deep, long breath of fresh air! We crafted an essential oil combination that reminds you to slow down, relax and admire nature around you. As the earth begins a new cycle, a perfect opportunity arises for us to seek inner-happiness and look forward to a future of peace and clarity.  ☔ ️Did You Know? ☔️ Petrichor is the wonderful word that describes the distinct scent of rain in the air or on dry soil These three oils work together to inspire feelings of stress relief and cleanliness and can be used...

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Staycation /ˌstāˈkāSHn/ a vacation spent near one's home and involving day trips to local attractions With travel looking a little different this year, we are sharing ideas for a staycation! A staycation is a great way to put your mind on vacation mode, to support the local economy, and to get the energy you need to come back to real life with a positive and easy-going attitude. Some of the benefits of going on a staycation are that it's very affordable, it's good for the environment, AND it can introduce you to sites and activities that are near your home and easy to visit. 🌞 It is so important to make time to unwind, explore, be curious, and relax! Word has...

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APRIL 2021 Happy Spring friends! This month we are [hopefully] celebrating melting snow, sunshine, blooming flowers and bees pollinating. I'm personally excited to shop for plants for my garden - I may have a bit of an obsession with my green babies. Check out what products we're enjoying at the start of this fresh Spring Season below! 👇 Tea Blend of the Month: Chamomile & Berry Berry & Chamomile is blended with hibiscus, rose hips, blueberries, strawberries, dried chamomile flowers, and natural flavors. This naturally caffeine free blend is vibrant with berry flavor and comforting with earthy and honey-like chamomile! It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, and will promote overall wellness. We like to drink this blend to support immunity, calm...

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LAST DAY FOR MARCH DISCOUNTS! Save on teas, spices and essential oils for March! March is coming to an end, and we are in full speed ahead for this busy and productive season of our lives. Our theme throughout our stores this month has been about taking care of our mental health and nurturing our bodies so that we can reach our fullest potential. 🌸  That's why we want to supply you with all the tools that will help you continue to grow and be the best version of yourself. Our spice, tea, and essential oil blend of the month are centered around promoting your brain health and fueling your body with nutrients that encourages you to be energized and balanced....

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