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habits for better sleep better sleep = better you  🌙 🌙 🌙 Did you know that getting high quality sleep can protect the brain from neurological decline and disease? In fact, research suggests insomnia causes cognitive decline and memory loss. To your brain, sleep deprivation is like being intoxicated but without the buzz. Is your brain kinda drunk every day? There might be something you can do. So how can you get better sleep so that you can protect your brain? ⬇ Habits for better sleep: 1. Get your bedroom temp right (between 60℉ and 67℉). 2. Start hydrating early in the afternoon rather than chugging water right before bed, so you don't wake up as frequently during the night to pee....

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YOGA PAIRING Check out our August yoga flow with our favorite yogi, Ashley. 4 parts Pine Needle, 2 parts Eucalyptus,1 part Oregano Woodsy Trails Essential Oil Blend sweet botanical ∙ light musk ∙ forest floor Take time for yourself this month to take some deep, intentional breaths in with aromatherapy. These three oils work together to relieve anxiety, refocus your attention and improve concentration. The Earth is beginning to shift into the season of comfort, slowness, and reflection. It is the perfect time to nurture your mental health and brain function. We hope you'll join us as we pair our Woodsy Trails Essential Oil blend with these curated breathing techniques. Try them at your desk, in your bed, and while...

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DIY PERFUME/COLOGNE with our essential oil blend of the month Woodsy Trail Essential Oil Blend sweet botanical ∙ light musk ∙ forest floor This essential oil combination captures the aroma of a forest in the high mountains. The aroma is cooling, balancing, and invigorating. It makes the perfect toxin free, gender neutral perfume/cologne, especially if you love the outdoors. THINGS YOU NEED: perfume bottle (spray or roller); we used a 30 ml bottle 2 parts purified water 1 part witch hazel 5 drops of Oregano EO (Top Note) 15 drops of Pine Needle EO (Middle Note) 10 drops of Eucalyptus EO (Base Note) DIRECTIONS: Add all ingredients to the bottle and shake to blend together. (Also shake before using each time.) Pro Tip: To make your...

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SEPTEMBER 2022 Happy September fellow tea lovers! I hope you had a great August, getting back into a routine. August was a bit different for me compared to other Augusts. But with my kids going back to school, I was able to get back into a routine, and I think it was good for the whole family! Fall is approaching quickly, along with hot tea season. We have some great products of the month to help prepare you for the upcoming change in seasons. Check them out below! 👇 Tea of the Month: Green Chile Biscochito GREEN CHILE BISCOCHITO is blended with sencha green tea, cinnamon chips, aniseed, cacao shells, Hatch New Mexico green chile powder, chamomile, and natural flavors. This blend...

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