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Need more brain power? 🧠 bundle and save with this set The Mental Focus Gift Set The products in this set work together to promote and stimulate mental alertness and improve mood, giving you just the boost you need to power through those long days. Let's dive deeper on what's included ⬇︎ Peppermint & Guayusa Tea This simple blend is earthy, refreshing, and energizing! Guayusa is caffeinated and rich in antioxidants while peppermint promotes focus. Make this hot or iced to sip on during work or when you need to focus. Stainless Steel Infuser This infuser is the single most useful thing you can have in your tea cabinet. ☕️ It is nice and roomy and dishwasher safe. Brainiac Tincture This...

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Need a mental boost? Try these tea blends ⬇ MATCHA When you drink matcha, you are consuming the full tea leaf and all of the leaf's nutrients! Matcha (and all green tea) contains L-theanine, an amino acid that is incredible for your brain health. Try matcha iced with a tad of honey and lemon to promote neurological health. PEPPERMINT LEMONGRASS Peppermint naturally improves focus, making this blend a great memory booster and study buddy. This blend also calms the mind and boosts immunity. Try this refreshing blend iced or hot to boost your brain power. It is naturally caffeine free so you can even enjoy this blend as your bedtime brew. CRISP APPLE PU ERH Yerba Maté, one of the...

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american wildflower + methods for the best brew. OBTC'S very own Liberty Tea It's always fitting to revisit the tea in the Boston harbor situation this time of year, so we thought we would tell you a really cool story about some of the baddest b*tches from 1776. Basically, these ladies single-handedly cut off heavily taxed supplies from the British, which made British controlled companies suffer serious debt. They realized they could make their their own supplies, including their own tea, which became known as Liberty Tea. The Daughters of Liberty foraged in their own gardens and orchards for fruits and herbs to be used in a "colonial style" tea. The caffeine-free herbal tea consisted of peppermint leaf, rosehips, spearmint...

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Start the week right. 🌿 stretch & refresh 🌿 Did you know that stretching your body can release endorphins and help improve your mood? Endorphins are part of your body's natural reward system — this is why we often stretch without even thinking about it after waking up in the morning or before we go to bed. Taking some time to stretch is a great way to show yourself some love! Listen to your body, get bendy, and nourish your connection to yourself. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ Stretch your back and neck at work today. It's easy to start slouching at work, especially if you're looking at a computer screen for long stretches of time. Even if your job requires you to be up...

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💫 SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT Eliana's Favorites + Tips and Tricks 🌿 🌿 🌿 This month we are shining the spotlight on Eliana, one of our warehouse crew members! Eliana started out as a tea blender and is now officially our Production Team Lead! (She just accepted the position!) Eliana has learned all the ropes of the warehouse and has knowledge of how every little thing works! We value our warehouse crew so much because they are the ones behind the scenes doing the heavy lifting (quite literally). They bottle all of our honey, blend all of our teas and so much more. Eliana has an incredibly sweet and gentle soul. (Her manager says we need more people like her in the...

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