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R∙O∙O∙I∙B∙O∙S naturally sweet ∙ vanilla ∙ subtle nuttiness The South African Bush Tea: Rooibos tea (pronounced ROY-BOSS) is only grown in Cederburg, a small mountainous area in the region of the Western Cape Province of South Africa. This sweet, nutty, and caffeine free brew gives you a delicious dose of antioxidants and acts as your body's own natural detoxifier. DID YOU KNOW? Some rooibos is green and some is red!  HERE'S WHY: Green and red rooibos come from the same plant, but the difference is the curing process. Immediately after harvest, green rooibos is lightly steamed to halt oxidation, retaining the green color in the leaves, whereas red rooibos is oxidized. For centuries, South Africans have used this herb for medicinal purposes....

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MAY 2021 Happy May friends! It looks like I spoke too soon about the melting snow last month, as a few parts of the country, including New Mexico, saw some April snow. BUT - I am definitely hoping for some May flowers for everyone this May!  During the month of April, the staff of most of our stores (a couple are meeting in May!) had the opportunity to shut down the store for the day for a retreat filled with lots of fun, training, and quality time with each other. We learned so much about the products we sell in our stores, and I know I am rejuvenated and excited for our extended tea family (you) to learn about them...

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Blueberry & Lavender Sage Lemonade herbaceous ∙ sweet lemon ∙ fruit-forward IN A NUTSHELL: This blend is refreshingly herbaceous and fruit-forward! Its bold fruity-floral flavors like blueberry, hibiscus, and rose balance perfectly with notes of lavender, sage, and lemon. This blend takes a spin on a classic lemonade, and adds that touch of fruit we all love. This is caffeine free and completely welcomed by the kiddos. 🍋 This blend captures the essence of a warm sunny day, while the birds sing and the flowers sway in the wind. This tea is bright, yet it is mellow-perfect to sip on while lounging about outside or working in the garden. Blueberry & Lavender Sage Lemonade INGREDIENTS: Blueberry: blueberries, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, apple...

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BERRY & CHAMOMILE kid friendly. fruity fresh. immune boosting. 🍓🌸💪 To celebrate the growth and beauty emerging around us, and to kick off the warmer months, we are showing our Berry & Chamomile blend some love this month!  This blend makes you want to go wild strawberry picking, plant herbs in a window box, and run through the sprinkler! The Berry tea has vibrant, tart, and fruity flavors that are refreshing and naturally sweet, while the Chamomile tea adds an element of honey and soft floral flavors. This is one of our most popular kid-friendly blends, as it is bright and easy to love. It is excellent to enjoy from the porch on warm afternoons or during a day working in the garden. This blend is packed...

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CHAMOMILE Decreases Anxiety. Promotes Restful Sleep. Improves Skin Health the herb that was gifted by a sun god The ancient Egyptians treasured chamomile, as they believed the Sun God, Ra, gifted it to them as a symbol of innocence and eternal love. Chamomile is a delicate and dainty herb that comes from the daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. Chamomile has been used for medicinal, cosmetic, and even spiritual reasons for centuries, and originated in early Egypt! Traditionally, the flower was used as a perfume, for skin conditions, and for digestion problems. Today, it still is used for the same things, but we now regard chamomile as the herb to use to reduce stress, calm anxiety, and to promote...

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