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💫 SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT Julia's Favorites + Tips and Tricks 🌿 🌿 🌿 This month we are shining the spotlight on Julia, the store manager of our Durango location. Julia recently took on this position and to put it simply, she is thriving. ✨ We love her passion for wellness and she's just one of those people that you can tell is genuinely excited about life. Julia is very knowledgable about our tea ingredients - in fact telling customers about their amazing healing benefits is one if the things she loves most about her job. We are so excited to welcome this new leader into our tea family! READ MORE ON JULIA'S FAVORITE TEAS AND SPICES. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ Horchata Rooibos This blend is...

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how to use matcha tools + history of the matcha tea ceremony 🍵 🍵 🍵 Brew Better This traditional matcha set includes a bamboo spoon (chashaku), a whisk (chasen) and a matcha bowl (chawan). Just scoop, pour, whisk, and sip. Here's how you brew it. Add a scoop of matcha with the chashaku and about 2 ounces of hot water to the chawan. Then use the chasen to whisk the matcha in a "W" shape until the matcha is fully dissolved and incorporated. You can then add more hot water until you reach your desired dilution. The tea ceremony, or “chanoyu” in Japanese is a tradition that dates all the way back to the 16th century. The purpose of the ceremony is...

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January 2023 Happy January fellow tea lovers! And Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great December and a great ending to 2022. This year felt super busy to me personally, and I know I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2023. Hoping this new year will feel a little slower and less hectic (and setting intentions to make it that way). ;) Speaking of setting intentions, we have some great products to start the year with and a fun little challenge! Check it out below! 👇 Tea of the Month: Matcha MATCHA is fine powdered Japanese green tea. Matcha is bold, earthy, and clean. It supports healthy brain function, boosts metabolism, and is rich in antioxidants. When you...

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red chile ❤️ heart healthy + immune boosting ❤️ There's a reason why New Mexicans are obsessed with chile. The simple answer is because Chile has been grown in New Mexico for hundreds of years. 🤯 Hatch, New Mexico is a small little town where our famous chile is grown. In fact, it is the Chile Capital of the world! Hatch chile has a very distinct taste. It has the perfect amount of heat, a subtle tang, an earthy characteristic and even a hint of sweetness. Many people credit this to the valley where it is grown. The soil there is rocky and rugged and the climate dry and hot. It is safe to say that our chile is world famous....

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It is cold & flu season! Need an herbal remedy? For thousands of years, herbs, roots and teas have been used to soothe a variety of ailments. Now that cold and flu season is here, it is an excellent time to protect and aid your body with nature's medicine. shop all apothecary teas Check out these wellness boosters. ⬇︎ American Wildflower This tea is an awesome bedtime wellness booster. With peppermint, chamomile, lemongrass and vanilla rooibos, this blend is anti-inflammatory, soothing for congestion and headaches, and comforting to an upset stomach. Blood Orange This tea is great to drink to protect your immune system. It is made with vibrant citrus ingredients like blood orange, hibiscus and rose hips, which give...

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