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MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS  & you deserve to thrive 🌹 Your mental health is directly linked to your lifestyle and physical health.  Our mind and bodies influence each other greatly. When our mental health suffers, so does our body and vice versa. March is mental health awareness month, and our goal this month is to focus on finding new ways to nourish our bodies and minds and to thrive! Check out self care tips for feeling happy and healthy this month. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ Rule #1: Be choosy about what you consume. It might seem obvious, but from food to television, what you consume has a direct impact on how you feel. Eating nourishing foods, reading uplifting books, and hydrating are few simple ways...

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Lavender Chamomile Sleep Tonic Recipe  🌙 creamy, floral, calming 🌙 ✨ For The Day Dreamers & Night Thinkers ✨ Sleep is incredibly important for your mental and physical health! While we sleep our bodies take the time to recharge all of our working parts that keep us moving forward each day and to regenerate new cells. Establishing a bed-time routine will help calm your mind and body, so we've created a tea recipe that will induce restful and restorative sleep! INGREDIENTS 3-4 tsp. Lavender Rose Chamomint 1 dollop Wildflower Honey 8 oz oat milk 15-20 drops OBTC Knockout PM Tincture The Science Behind It The ingredients in Lavender Rose Chamomint, specifically chamomile and lavender, are regarded as mild tranquilizers or sleep inducers. This is because they contain...

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Marigold: The Flower That Bonds Love 🌞 skin healing ∙ antioxidant rich ∙ immune boosting 🌞 Marigold flowers are tied to a romantic ancient Aztec folklore story about two lovers, Xótchitl and Huitzilin. According to the legend, the lovers would often hike to the top of a mountain to leave marigold flower offerings for the sun-god Tonatiuh, and to swear their love and commitment to one another. When Xótchitl's lover dies unexpectedly, she prays to the sun-god to reunite them on Earth, as he was her other half. The sun-god was moved by her display of loyalty and love and grants her wish by shining a ray of sunshine on her that transforms her into a flower as golden as the sun...

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A Lovely Tea Party 💖 with the kiddos 💖 Show the littles some love with a special tea party date! This month we are celebrating all things LOVE! Loving yourself, loving others and loving a healthy lifestyle.  Check out this guide we crafted to help you host a tea party for the kiddos in your life - where they can learn basic life skills, and spend quality time with you during this month of love. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ Love Exists In All Forms Tea parties are a perfect way to help kids learn the etiquette of a tea party (or just table manners), taking turns, learning to be mindful, and gain a little knowledge about tea along the way! We couldn't think of a...

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IMMUNE BOOSTING  GINGER PEACH SPRITZER warm vanilla ∙ zesty lemon ∙ sunny honey 🍑🍑🍑 Our Ginger Tisane is balanced with a citrusy-spicy kick and is our go-to tea to treat an upset stomach or nausea. If you are feeling under the weather during this blustery-cold allergy season, or just need your mood boosted, this spritzer is just for you! This recipe is sunshine in a cup and lifts the spirits instantly!  The ginger is complimented with actual drops of immunity (OBTC Immunity Tincture). This recipe is bright with White Peach Tea, rich with Mexican Vanilla, sweet with Sunflower Honey, and refreshing with fresh squeezed lemon. ⬇︎ INGREDIENTS 2 tsp OBTC Ginger Tisane 3 tsp OBTC White Peach Tea 2 Tbsp Mexican Vanilla Paste 1 dollop OBTC Sunflower Honey sparkling Water 1/2 a...

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