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matcha lemonade with ginger and honey 🍵 🍋 🍵 🍋 🍵 Mid Week Matcha Surprise! Here's an extra matcha recipe for your week. 💚 We just had to share because our team members are raving about this matcha lemonade in our group messages. Enjoy this refresher when you hit that mid week slump and need a powerful boost. Matcha is energizing to the brain and body and can give you a little extra zest when you're feeling sluggish. In this recipe, ginger and lemon add a nice zing and balance to that earthy taste of matcha and help to promote digestion. Sweetened with a touch of orange blossom honey and made in our iced tea maker, you can sip on this delicious goodness all week long! HERE'S WHAT YOU...

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matcha chia pudding with vanilla & honey 🍵 🍯 🍵 🍯 🍵 Happy Matcha Monday!  We are starting off the week with this simple, delicious, and healthy Matcha Chia Pudding recipe, made with our ceremonial grade matcha, Mexican Vanilla, and Salt Cedar Honey. Make this for an on-the-go breakfast to up your wellness game. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Matcha Salt Cedar Honey Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract INGREDIENTS: 1 tsp. Matcha 3/4 cup oat or almond milk 1-2 tsp. Salt Cedar Honey 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk 1/4 cup chia seeds 1/2 tsp. Mexican Vanilla Instructions: Whisk all the ingredients together and place in fridge for at least an hour before eating. It is best if you can let it absorb in the fridge overnight!  Top...

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matcha smoothie with banana, avocado, and honey 🍌 🍵 🍯 As many of you know, we are in full swing of the Matcha Challenge! Meaning, we are drinking matcha every day this month because of its amazing health benefits. We are starting the week off with a creamy, nutritious, and delightfully green smoothie recipe made with matcha, banana, honey, vanilla, and avocado (no it does not make your smoothie taste like avocado, but yes it adds a wonderful creaminess). 🤌🏼 HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Matcha Salt Cedar Honey Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract INGREDIENTS: 2 tsp. Matcha 1 cup oat milk or your milk of choice 1-2 tsp. Salt Cedar Honey 1/2 ripe avocado 1 banana 1/4 tsp. Mexican Vanilla 5-6 large ice cubes It's pretty...

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greek yogurt dip made with our spice of the month 🥕 🥦 🥕 🥦 🥕 Healthy Heart, our spice of the month, is a salt free seasoning to flavor any savory dish. This month we used it to make a veggie dip recipe with greek yogurt, which promotes digestion, and honey, which is a great source of antioxidants. You can enjoy this veggie dip with chopped veggies (of course) or as a spread for sandwiches. But you can also serve this tangy and slightly sweet dip with fish dishes (especially salmon) or with chicken, veggies, and rice. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Mesquite Honey Healthy Heart Seasoning INGREDIENTS: 1 tsp. Mesquite Honey 2 tsp. Healthy Heart 1 Tbsp. Lemon juice 1 Tbsp. Olive...

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Peppermint Matcha Latte with vanilla bean honey ♥️ minty fresh & creamy  This latte recipe is made with our Peppermint tea, a small scoop of our matcha, a dollop of Vanilla Bean Honey, and milk. It is a great transition recipe from the holidays into the new year because it has a minty sweet-vanilla taste, reminiscent of a candy cane, but is loaded with brain and metabolism boosting powers (thanks to the matcha). By the way... We will release a matcha recipe every Monday in the month of January. For those of you participating in our Matcha Challenge (drinking matcha every day for 30+ days), be on the lookout and please share any creative ways you use matcha with us. Share your matcha recipes via...

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