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mango paradise spritz a tangy mood-boosting tonic 💧 🥭 💧 🥭 💧 ✨ All Sparkly & Happy ✨ This refreshing and fruity drink is perfect to enjoy on a warm spring day! Our tea of the month, Mango Paradise, shines in the spotlight of this recipe and is mixed with our Hibiscus tea, sweetened with our Wildflower honey, and topped off with sparkling water and a dose of Happiness Tincture. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Mango Paradise Wildflower Honey Hibiscus Happiness Tincture INGREDIENTS: 2 tsp. Mango Paradise 1 tsp. Hibiscus tea 5 oz hot water 1 tsp. Wildflower honey 1 dropper full of Happiness Tincture your favorite sparkling water fresh fruit for garnish ice Instructions: Add Mango Paradise and Hibiscus to an infuser, pour 5 oz of hot water over and steep for 5 minutes. While...

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mood boosting teas   March is the time of year where new life surrounds us and the sun starts to melt the earth. During the winter season we are more prone to feeling low as we don't get as much exposure to nature's healing magic. Using natural remedies to soothe those blues is our favorite way to welcome a clean slate for the year. Here are our favorite mood-boosting teas to lift your spirits for the season: For motivation & energy: green tea. L-theanine is an amino acid that increases mood enhancing brain chemicals. Studies show that drinking green tea, which is the tea that has the highest amount of L-theanine, has been linked to reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety....

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YOGA & TEA PAIRING Check out our January yoga flow with our favorite yogi, Ashley. Matcha Matcha is bold, earthy, and clean! It supports healthy brain function, boosts metabolism, and is rich in antioxidants. When you drink matcha, you are consuming the full tea leaf and all of the leaf's nutrients! This month we will pair our Matcha with a dynamic yoga sequence that will help you ease back into your work and exercise routine. Start the new year by warming up your muscles and building stamina. 💪🏼 Follow along in the video below. ⬇︎ Namaste friends. We hope you have a lovely day! This flow and descriptions were generously provided by our favorite yogi, Ashley. Ashley is a New Mexico...

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Progress is never linear. If you have set goals for yourself in the past and had a hard time sticking to them—don't worry you aren't alone! 😆 BUT there are a few strategies for goal setting that might help you stick to them. Check out these tips on how to realistically set and achieve goals this year. ⬇ 1. Be specific (like super specific). Many of us have fitness or intellectual growth goals that come with restrictions. Rather than thinking about habits you’ll avoid, think about how you can manifest new behaviors. Rather than “don’t do that,” think “I’ll do more of this instead of that.” Also, make it easy to measure your success by being specific in your goals....

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💫 SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT Amanda's Favorites + Tips and Tricks 🌿 🌿 🌿 This month we are shining the spotlight on Amanda, the store manager of our Mesilla location. Amanda has been with us for about a year, and her sweet disposition and her ability to be friends with anyone is what makes her so special to us. Her favorite thing about work is interacting with customers from all over the country and even the world! Mesilla, NM, is a quirky little town and you never know who is going to walk in! Amanda loves to connect with her customers and suggest places to see and things to do while they are visiting New Mexico! READ MORE ON AMANDA'S FAVORITE TEAS AND SPICES....

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