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obtc merch employee designed & southwest inspired 🌿 🌼 🌵 ☀️ the cutest t-shirt Inspired by the diverse landscape, unique quirks and rich culture of New Mexico, this print was thoughtfully designed by one of our very own team members! Non-shrinking and soft as can be. We carry New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado styles! New Mexican Style ⬇ Take a look at these other OBTC t-shirts ⬇︎ OBTC Colorado State T-Shirt OBTC Arizona State T-Shirt

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an iced tea guide: + essential brew tools and how to use them Warm weather has officially arrived and that means it is officially iced tea season! If you've ever been to one of our tea shops, you might have had a sample of iced tea. Maybe you wondered, "How do I make it exactly like this?" 🤔 Good news - we are sharing exactly how we do it, plus some more tips and tricks when it comes to making your tea iced. Check out our warm weather brew tools: ⬇ The only iced tea maker you will ever need. This iced tea maker uses the flash chill method, which chills freshly brewed tea in seconds, locking in freshness, flavor, and nutrients at...

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A Hot Tea Guide: + essential brew tools and how to use them 🌿 🌿 🌿 Soak up these last few weeks of hot tea season with all the best brew tools. Here's how we like to make the perfect hot cuppa, for those chilly spring mornings. PSST: Get the inside scoop on how we make our samples in the stores! ⬇ First you need an infuser. This one will change your life. This infuser can make an 8 oz serving or a 64 oz serving depending on how many leaves you add! Since this infuser is more roomy, it allows the leaves to fully open up. This roominess allows the leaves to release more of their flavor and more...

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Blooming Tea Ball ✨ watch the magic happen ✨ Glass Tea Pots Come in Handy Here Blooming tea balls are a visual treat because they blossom before your eyes once added to a pot of hot water. The tea leaves slowly unfurl and start to diffuse green tea, as the flower blossom floats towards the top of the water. Each and every one of the blooming tea balls contains a flower that varies in color and size. ❤ Blooming Tea Ball Our blooming tea balls are made from sencha green tea bound into a ball with a flower hand sewn into the middle. The green tea creates a delicate and earthy taste, as the petals release floral notes. These are fun to share...

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ashwagandha improves sexual function & reduces stress 🌿 🌿 🌿 Get a boost!  Ashwagandha literally translates to "smell of the horse" and it is because yes, it does smell kinda like a horse, (by itself, not in our tea! 😆) BUT it was also named that because it is said that this root can impart the strength and stamina of a horse too! It is actually famous for increasing strength, muscle performance and stamina for other things like... ya know. 😜 Read more about the health benefits. ⬇︎ Shop our favorite ashwagandha products: NaughTEA This blend is intended to relax you, boost your mood, and soothe your stress. Drink daily to promote hormonal balance and libido. Brainiac Tincture This tincture...

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