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MATCHA LAVENDER LEMONADE floral ∙ citrusy ∙ herbaceous Welcome back to another Monday inspired by the goodness of Matcha! This month we challenged you to incorporate Matcha into your daily routine - and today is the final Monday of our full month of Matcha! Matcha is antioxidant rich, promotes healthy brain function, and elevates overall wellness. Check out this bright, fresh, and mood boosting Matcha recipe. ⬇︎ INGREDIENTS Steeped Lavender Sage Lemonade tea 4-5 lemons Orange Blossom Honey Unflavored sparkling water 1 tsp Matcha a pinch of dried lavender INSTRUCTIONS Steep Lavender Sage Lemonade with a generous amount of Orange Blossom Honey in your Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker and allow to chill.  Dump tea leaves from filter and set aside. Mix 1 tsp. of Matcha into about an...

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TEA 101

TEA EDUCATION how to make the perfect cup of tea Mindful Brewing. Making a cup of tea can be more than just waiting on tea leaves to steep. The process of preparing a cup of tea can be a mindfulness ritual; a simple and easy routine to help us practice being present. You only need a few tools, a few minutes and some honey if you'd like! Here are a few tips and our favorite tools for our favorite daily self-care routine... Brew Better. Tip #1: Water Quality  The better quality the water, the better your tea will taste. Use filtered or spring water if possible. Tip #2: Water Temperature Depending on the tea, suggested water temperature for steeping may vary....

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Yerba Maté: The Unifying Leaf Legend says the magical holly tree, also known as Yerba Maté, grows deep in the rainforests of South America and contains powers that energizes the body and soul, and unites people in friendship. TASTING NOTES: grassy ∙ earthy ∙ bright DRINK TO: 🌱 boost energy 🌱 stimulate mental alertness 🌱 support immunity Folklore tells us that the ancient Guarani people of South America were taught to prepare and drink Yerba Maté by Yari, the goddess of the moon, who decreed Yerba Maté the symbol of friendship. 🌙 What is Yerba Maté? The history of Yerba Maté dates back to the 16th century when it was traditionally consumed for its medicinal properties. It is mostly produced in Argentina, as the tree thrives...

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The Centuries-Old Practice of Matcha Making: The traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, or "Chado," is a ritual that dates back to over 900 years ago. The four pillars of this ceremony are harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. Matcha, the purest form of green tea, is prepared and consumed in this ritual. Traditionally, the matcha bowl, or the "chawan," is the vessel you drink your tea out of, and the flat spoon, or the "chashaku," is what you use to scoop the matcha into the bowl. After adding water to your matcha, the whisk, or the "chasen," is used to froth and aerate the mixture into a smooth consistency. These tools are simple to use and get back to the roots of...

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Why do we love Cast Iron? Here is why... Tea drinkers who brew in cast iron tea pots get a boost of iron, minerals, and nutrients that transfer from the pot to the brew. That's not the only reason we love cast iron tea pots though...  Black Cast Iron Teapot Cast iron tea pots are timelessly traditional and will last your entire life because of their durability. These are unique compared to other teapots because they can go on the stove top, and they do an extra good job of keeping your tea nice and toasty thanks to the thick insulation. Cast iron tea pots are also handy companions on camping trips, because they can be used to heat water...

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