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Gourmet Lemonade With extra honey, vanilla, and lemon. 🍋 🌿 🍋 🌿 🍋 As the weather gets warmer, there's not a more perfect time for an ice cold glass of lemonade! Lemonade just got that much better because our lemonade recipe is made with TEA! (That tastes like lemonade. 😉) Our herbal blend, Lavender Sage Lemonade, shines in the spotlight of this recipe as flavors of bold lemon meld with lavender, rose hips, licorice root and calendula. We added lots of extra lemon juice, Orange Blossom Honey and a splash of Vanilla Extract to brighten up all the flavors. 😍 HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US TO GET STARTED ⬇⬇⬇ Lavender Sage Lemonade Orange Blossom Honey Mexican Vanilla Bean Extract INGREDIENTS (makes a pitcher full) 7-10 Tbsp. OBTC Lavender...

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How to make iced tea. ☀️ step by step instructions ☀️ If you've ever been to one of our store fronts, you might have tried iced tea from one of our favorite iced tea pitchers! This Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker is a must have tea making tool for your kitchen! Our teams use them every day to prepare samples for our customers who come into the stores, but they can easily be used at home to make tea for gatherings, parties, or just to sip on throughout the week. Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker These iced tea makers are easy to use and durable! Some of our team members have had these iced tea makers for over six years. 🤯 The pitcher can make...

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🌿 A Pocket Guide 🌿 Of the best tea making tips & tricks from our matriarch, Dana. Dana is one of the leading founders (and mom to us all) of our little tea co and is the reason we all love loose leaf tea so much! This Mother's Day we are celebrating her, as she is an inspiration to us all and loves like no other. After surviving cancer THREE times, she believes that the healing benefits of tea are part of what got her through and helped her body to fight, heal, and remain cancer free to this day. White tea in particular, is Dana's go-to because of how antioxidant rich it is! Antioxidants work by tracking down free radicals...

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CAST IRON TEA POTS + how to use and care for them Did you know that a cast iron tea pot can last your entire life because of its incredible durability? Tea is already incredibly beneficial for your health, but tea drinkers who brew in cast iron tea pots may get an extra boost of iron, minerals, and nutrients that transfer from the pot to the brew! Plus, these pots just look timelessly cool. 😉 Check out these brand new pots that just came in! ⬇ Black Bali Cast Iron Teapot Bronze & Gold Kuta Cast Iron Teapot Black Malaysian Black Cast Iron Teapot Cast iron pots are unique compared to other teapots because they can go on the stove top,...

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Superfood Golden Milk + methods for the best brew ☀️ hello, sunshine ☀️ Our Superfood Golden Milk is comforting and undeniably delicious! Golden milk is an ancient Indian recipe, and is traditionally used to soothe cough or flu symptoms because of the amazing medicinal properties of turmeric, which is the main ingredient in golden milk. We took our own spin on this classic herbal treat, adding other superfood ingredients like maca root, moringa powder, beet powder, cocoa powder, black pepper, and cinnamon! superfood golden milk We recommend whisking Superfood Golden Milk into hot or cold water until it is evenly dissolved. You can also shake it in water if you are on the go! It is lovely served with Salt Cedar Honey, frothed cream and...

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