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SERENDIPITEA CANDLES LIGHT A CANDLE DURING YOUR SELF CARE TIME. These candles are hand poured, triple-scented and have a wooden wick, which makes a soothing crackling sound while burning. Each candle will burn for about 48 hours and will fill any space with a burst of beautiful aroma. ⬇ White Tea & Ginger Candle delicately floral • zingy spice • wood notes Burn to promote feelings of wellness. Mountain Cactus Candle sweet aloe • crisp eucalyptus • soft earthiness Burn to promote creativity. Peppermint & Lemongrass Candle botanical • citrus-herb • cooling Burn to calm the mind. Texas Sweet Tea Candle sweet bourbon • citrus undertones • vintage ambe Burn to promote comfort. Fire: a tool for transformation, connection to personal...

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PREVENTATIVE TEA & HERBS 🌸 for breast cancer awareness month 🌸 Meet Dana, the matriarch of our family and a 3-time cancer survivor: Living a healthy and preventative lifestyle has always been a core value for our tea company. This fundamental idea, of living happily and healthily to prevent disease, has been passed down by Dana to our family, and is at the heart of every Old Barrel Tea Company creation. Nourishing your body with healthy habits and medicine that nature provides is a timeless practice that deepens your relationship with yourself, as well as with Mother Earth. Embracing natural prevention is a way of life that makes us feel better all the time, and doesn't come with negative side...

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MILK & TEA BATH + the healing elements of water Water represents emotional release, intuition, and inner reflection. Taking alone time for yourself is a vital for your wellness. Simply being alone can encourage inner reflection and healing, especially if you incorporate natural elements like water into your self care time. Just being near water or hearing water can decrease levels of anxiety and depression, and increase well being and happiness. The key is to be present and soak up the meditative benefits of water. Milk Bath Travel Set The set contains one 3 oz Coconut Milk Bath along with a 3 oz Oat + Coconut Milk Bath in a little travel bag. Pour desired amount into the bathtub under...

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Chinese Milk Oolong creamy, delicate & subtly sweet DAIRY FREE AS CAN BE 🥛 This classic full leaf tea is naturally creamy and subtly sweet. Notes of sweet almond, light florals, and frothed milk make this beauty a delectable treat and reminds us of the noble old methods of tea making. The full tea leaf can be added straight to a cup without a need for an infuser, as the leaves are easy to sip around or strain out. Watch the leaves unfurl and stretch out as if they are relaxing in a warm bath! While the name alludes to the blend containing milk, it does not actually contain any dairy. The flavor is simply reminiscent of sweet cream. BY THE WAY...

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GOT BRAIN POWER? 🧠 🤓 📓 📝 stimulate & refresh your brain with our mental focus gift set The Mental Focus Gift Set The products in this set work together to promote and stimulate mental alertness, and improve mood. Having a refreshing cup of Peppermint and Guayusa tea in the morning will enliven your senses and start your day off on an energized note. Peppermint Essential Oil promotes memory and improves focus, and the Brainiac Tincture (just a dropper full into your cup of tea) will increase blood flow to your brain! MORE DEETS ON WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE SET ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ Peppermint & Guayusa TASTING NOTES: earthy ∙ minty ∙ grassy This simple blend is earthy and refreshing with peppermint! Guayusa...

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