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September Intentions: get focused and live intentionally Fall officially begins this month and it is the perfect time to reflect, get focused, and re-imagine your lifestyle. Fall is the season to tie up loose ends, live more intentionally, and savor this quiet and beautiful season. Here are our tips for boosting your brain power and living more intentionally this month. ⬇︎ Evaluate your sleep hygiene: Did you know that getting high-quality sleep can protect the brain from neurological decline and disease? To your brain, sleep deprivation is like being intoxicated but without the buzz, and you may not even know you are sleep-deprived! Common symptoms of sleep deprivation & insomnia: 1. Grogginess when waking 2. Sleep talking or walking 3....

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August Intentions: establishing and falling in love with your routine Routine gets a bad rap. It can come across as stifling and limiting, but in reality, a routine can be liberating. Routines help eliminate decision fatigue, freeing up mental space for more creativity while reducing stress (and increasing happiness). The best part is, you get to design your routine so that it suits your lifestyle, your goals, and your personal preferences. Here are our tips for falling in love with your routine this August. ⬇︎ Step 1: figure out where you want to go. Get out your notebook and divide the paper into four quadrants: one for your physical goals, one for your mental goals, one for your interpersonal goals,...

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Your sense of belonging is so important. This month we are focusing on socializing and nourishing our communities. Belonging to a community (even if it is just a few people) can be incredibly fulfilling and increases your sense of well-being, which can reduce the risk of many health issues.  Here are some journal prompts to get you thinking. ⬇ Reflect on what you have to work with. Do you have a group of people in your life that could use more of your time and energy? Write down why you don't participate as often as you would like. Then, think about how you could overcome these obstacles and better nourish this community. Write down what you could accomplish in your...

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July Intentions: socialize in the sunshine & nourish your community It is officially summertime and that means it is peak season to get outside, be social, and nourish your community around you! Did you know that being social can sharpen memory and cognitive skills, lower your risk of dementia, increase your sense of happiness and well-being, and may even help you live longer? 🤯 Here are a few ways to get social this month. ⬇︎ Build it into your routine. It is easy to feel like there just isn't enough time in your day to go hang out with friends, go out to lunch or even text back that person that you always leave hanging. That's because you don't view...

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The happier you are, the more successful you will be. This month we are focusing on getting outside, moving our bodies, and refining our productivity. The Happiness Advantage is a physiological theory developed by Shawn Achor that draws a connection between personal happiness and professional success. When we are happy, we do our best work in all areas of life like parenting, being creative, and doing well at your job. So how do you dictate your own happiness so that you can be your best self? Here's some journal prompts to get you thinking ⬇ Reframe your negative experiences. In his book, Achor explains that people experience happiness based on how they perceive their daily experiences. He says, "Happiness is...

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