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FALL TEA CLUB RECAP blends for the season 🍂 ✨ 🎃 In case you missed it... The Fall Tea Club includes 6 blends that capture the spirit of the season, and our Fall Tea Club has already been shipped out! Imagine unwinding with a hot cup of tea by the fireplace, carving pumpkins, taking morning walks on fallen leaves, breathing in the cool evening air as the stars warm the night sky, and picking apples in an orchard with friends and family - that's what the tea blends in this shipment capture! Here are the blends we included in the Fall Tea Club ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ Chinese Milk Oolong This classic full leaf tea is naturally creamy and subtly sweet! It is immunity...

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apple bourbon smash with irish apple tea & bourbon brew 🍂 🍎 🍂 Just in time for fall: a tea-cocktail with all of our favorite autumn flavors. This Apple Bourbon Smash features flavors like honeycrisp apple, honey and warm spices, as our tea blends Irish Apple and Bourbon Brew shine in the spotlight in this recipe. The pairing is blended with extra muddled apple, lemon, bourbon, Salt Cedar Honey and baking spices. It makes a great cocktail for any fall or holiday party and is reminiscent of a candy apple with a side of spirit.  BY THE WAY, CLUB MEMBERS: YOU GOT THIS TEA BLEND IN YOUR FALL SHIPMENT! ⬇⬇⬇ Irish Apple Pu Erh & Bourbon Brew INGREDIENTS ½ honeycrisp apple, roughly chopped  2 tablespoons OBTC Salt Cedar...

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MATCHA 101 🍵

More Matcha Please. 👑 the queen of green teas 👑 THE GREEN MACHINE Matcha tastes bold, earthy, and clean, and contains lots of caffeine! When you drink matcha, you are consuming the full tea leaf and all of the leaf's nutrients! The light, creamy, and foamy drink is packed full of goodness and leaves you feeling satisfied and energized. Traditionally, the matcha bowl, or the "chawan," is the vessel you drink your tea out of, and the flat spoon, or the "chashaku," is what you use to scoop the matcha into the bowl. After adding water to your matcha, the whisk, or the "chasen," is used to froth and aerate the mixture into a smooth consistency. These tools are simple to...

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Green Tea 🍃 🍵 🤓 Improves Brain Function. Boosts Metabolism. Antioxidant Rich. The origin of green tea traces all the way back to China in 2737 B.C. It is said that green tea was discovered by accident when Chinese Emperor Shennong drank warm water and realized that a Camellia sinensis (tea) leaf had fallen into his cup mistakingly. He loved the refreshing flavor, and soon enough the discovery spread across the continents. Today it is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world. In countries such as Japan and China, tea and its presentation have become an art form. READ MORE ON THE HEALTH PROPERTIES OF GREEN TEA ⬇ The taste of green tea is grassy, vegetal, nutty and herbaceous, and delicate!...

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Bee Pollen & Vanilla Tea Blend🐝 birthday cake ∙ creamy vanilla ∙ subtle nuttiness 🐝 🎂 SWEET & CREAMY ✨🎂 This caffeinated, creamy, honey vanilla blend is as decadent as birthday cake! Notes of rich black tea are balanced with ripe apple and honey flavor, while the nutty flavor of smooth vanilla rounds everything out, making it a delectable blend sure to cure a sweet tooth - especially when it's served warm with cream and honey. It is packed with antioxidants, promotes immunity, protects the heart, and supports weight management. Bee Pollen Black & Vanilla Rooibos 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 With black tea, apple pieces, bee pollen, marigold flowers, and vanilla rooibos tea. BREW TIPS: This blend is delicious served hot or iced with a spoonful...

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