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orange cream whiskey sour 🍊🥃🍦 inspired by the dreamsicle This tea cocktail recipe takes a unique spin on a whiskey sour because it is made with a tea that tastes like a dreamsicle! Sweetened with an Orange Cream Popsicle simple syrup, made with our Orange Blossom honey and shaken with an egg white, this cocktail is creamy, tangy and captures that summertime sweet treat flavor we all love. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Orange Cream Popsicle Oolong Orange Blossom Honey INGREDIENTS: (makes 1 drink) 1-2 oz bourbon depending on how strong you like it 1/4 cup hot water 1/4 cup Orange Blossom honey 3 tsp. Orange Cream Popsicle Tea 1 oz juice from a fresh squeezed orange 1 egg white big ice cube Instructions: Add Orange Cream...

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strawberry mint mojito 🧊🌿🍓 berry refreshing 🍓 This mocktail mojito recipe is made with our Strawberry Mojito green tea, which has flavors of juicy strawberry, mint, hibiscus, and light lemon. Sweetened with a strawberry and Peppermint simple syrup made with our Wildflower honey and poured over lots of ice, this mocktail makes for a sweet afternoon treat! You can also add your favorite rum to this if you want to make it an actual cocktail. 😋 HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Strawberry Mojito Peppermint Wildflower Honey INGREDIENTS: (makes 1 drink) 3-4 rounded tsp. Strawberry Mojito 1/4 cup of Wildflower honey, for syrup 1/4 cup of hot water, for syrup 5 strawberries, for syrup 2 tsp Peppermint tea, for syrup Mint and strawberries, to garnish ice Instructions: Add Strawberry Mojito tea to an infuser and steep...

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tropical cinnamon sangria infused in white wine and garnished with fruit 🍇 🍷 a sangria you won't forget This tea cocktail is made with our Tropical Cinnamon Sangria tea, which has notes of hibiscus, cinnamon, and coconut. We infused it in a sweet summertime wine, Jo Mamma's Mango Tango, from Noisy Water Winery and served it over some crunchy frozen grapes with lots of fruit to garnish. This sangria recipe is easy to fall in love with and might become a regular recipe for you this summer, just sayin. 😉 HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Tropical Cinnamon Sangria This blend is bold, tangy, and rich with a subtle cinnamon kick! It is antioxidant-rich, energizing, and promotes digestion and metabolism. INGREDIENTS: 8 tsp. Tropical Cinnamon...

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lavenderose chamomint tea cocktail 🌷 🐝 🌼 it's the bee's knees As the spring season welcomes back all our favorite pollinators, we had to make a tea cocktail inspired by our favorite pollinator of them all - the bees! (And specifically, their knees.  🐝) This cocktail is made with our herbal Lavenderose Chamomint tea that has all the best floral notes with a subtle hint of mint! Sweetened with Wildflower honey and zested up with some lemon, this tea cocktail is stinkin' adorable and delicious. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Lavenderose Chamomint Wildflower Honey INGREDIENTS: (makes 1 serving) For simple syrup: 3 tsp. Lavenderose Chamomint 1/4 cup of hot water 1/2 cup of Wildflower honey For mocktail: 1.5 ounces of gin 1 ounce of infused simple...

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irish whiskey sour with matcha & honey ☘️ 🍋 ☘️ 🍋 ☘️ A St. Patty's Inspired Tea Cocktail The luckiest day of the year is right around the corner and this tea cocktail recipe captures the spirit of that very green day. ☘️ Made with our ceremonial grade matcha, this cocktail is refreshing, citrusy and GREEN. It is sweetened with an Orange Blossom simple syrup and topped with frothed egg white, which compliments the matcha flavor wonderfully! HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Orange Blossom Honey Matcha INGREDIENTS: For simple syrup: 2 Tbsp. Orange Blossom Honey 2 Tbsp. hot water For cocktail: 1 1/2 oz of your favorite Irish whiskey 4 tsp. of lemon juice 4 tsp. Orange Blossom simple syrup 1/2 tsp. Matcha egg white 3 dashes...

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