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 cinnamon ☀️ warming ∙ sweet ∙ woody ☀️ The cinnamon tree is an Asian evergreen member that has brown, papery bark, and leathery leaves. To harvest cinnamon, the branches of the tree are cut off and the outer bark is peeled off, revealing an inner bark (the cinnamon) which curls into a quill as it dries. Cinnamon has a long and rich history and was written about in Chinese books on healing more than 4,000 years ago! Cinnamon traditionally was used to provide relief when suffering from the cold or flu, especially when mixed in tea! Fun fact: Cinnamon doesn’t have a sweet taste but does amplify the sweetness in other ingredients! Vietnamese Cinnamon Use this decadent and rich cinnamon in baking,...

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Superfood Golden Milk + methods for the best brew. Comforting & Creamy 💛 💛 💛 This caffeine free tisane is creamy and rich with a subtle spice! Originating in India, golden milk is an ancient recipe that has been celebrated for its medicinal properties and delicious flavor. We took our own spin on it while honoring the Ayurvedic roots of this nourishing drink, and created a Superfood Golden Milk blend made with ingredients that improve health and reduce risk of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, and heart disease. Turmeric, Vietnamese ground cinnamon, and cocoa powder blend together with other unique ingredients like maca root, moringa powder, and beet powder, creating a dessert-like flavor. The drink has a history of being used to aid many ailments,...

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spring sangria with blueberry & apple empanada tea 🌷 🌿 🌷 🌿 🌷 This tea cocktail is inspired by a fresh blueberry pie and is made for sipping on as the spring season starts to bloom! Our Blueberry & Apple Empanada tea shines in the spotlight of this dry sangria recipe as flavors of tart blueberry, hibiscus and rose blend with sweet vanilla and apple notes. The tea blend is infused in Nuevo Nouveau, a red wine blend from our favorite wine producer, Noisy Water Winery and sweetened up with our mellow Sunflower Honey. Topped off with a dash of warming Vietnamese Cinnamon and made in our Flash Iced Tea Maker, this sangria is sure to satisfy. BY THE WAY Blueberry & Apple Empanada is 1 of 6 tea blends that was included...

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SPRING TEA CLUB RECAP With blends for the season, inspired by all things springtime. 🌸 🐥 🌿 ☀️ In case you missed it... Tea Club includes 6 blends that capture the spirit of the season and our Spring Tea Club shipped out on March 15th! If you are sad you missed it, no worries friend, you can sign up today and we will add you to the list for the Summer Tea Club shipment! PSST: Did you know tea club members get 15% off loose leaf tea online and in store, all the time?! Here are the blends we included in the Spring Tea Club ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ Banana Bread Coffee Pu Erh INGREDIENTS: Pu erh tea, rooibos, banana chips, Durango Coffee Co. ground and whole...

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berry & strawberry hazelnut  🤎 🤎 🤎 Chocolate Covered Berries Reminiscent of chocolate covered berries, this tea blend is smooth with pu erh tea as notes of cocoa nibs add a slight chocolate flavor. Flavors of hibiscus, rose, strawberries and blueberries blend together and create a delectable fruit medley. 💖 While it may taste like dessert, the ingredients in this blend promote healthy digestion, support immunity and boost focus, energy and mood. Berry & Strawberry Hazelnut We recommend serving Berry & Strawberry Hazelnut hot or iced with a dollop of our Mexican Vanilla Bean Honey and a splash of oat milk. Berry & Strawberry Hazelnut Pu Erh with hibiscus, rose hips, blueberries, strawberries, pu erh tea, cocoa nibs, rose petals and natural flavors BREW TIPS: Serve hot with a...

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