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GINGER PEACH TEA MULE INGREDIENTS 1 peach 1/4 cup ginger beer 1-2 shots vodka 1/2 cup Ginger Orchard Medley Oolong limes ice INSTRUCTIONS Cut one peach up, saving a slice for garnish, blend with a splash of water. Add 4 tsp. of Ginger Orchard Medley to 1/2 cup of water, steep for 5 minutes, sweeten, and chill. Shake together made tea, peach juice, and vodka. Pour over ice, top with ginger beer, garnish with peach and lime.

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NEW COCKTAIL/MOCKTAIL RECIPE! STRAWBERRY MINT FIZZ bubbly, herbaceous, sweet & fresh WATCH THE VIDEO The Cocktail 1 cucumber, peeled and diced 1 cup of Strawberry Mojito Tea fresh mint leaves 1 lime 2 Tbsp. Orange Blossom Honey carbonated mineral water 1-2 ounces gin ice The Mocktail Everything the same. Just no gin! Wooaahh that tastes good! Instructions Steep 4 tsp. of Strawberry Mojito in hot water for 4 minutes and sweeten with honey. Set in fridge to chill. Add the cucumber, chilled tea, lim juice, mint leaves and gin (on not) to a blender and blend until smooth. Strain the juice into a cup with ice and top with mineral water. Garnish with lime, cucumber, mint or strawberries. What you need from...

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empress lavender lemonade a tea cocktail recipe to end the week 💜 🍋 a purple lemony fusion of deliciousness This tea cocktail is made with our Lavender Sage Lemonade tea and is sweetened with a lavender infused simple syrup made with our Wildflower honey! A splash of indigo-hued Empress Gin ties it all together and a lavender sprig sits on top to garnish. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Lavender Sage Lemonade This blend is invigoratingly herbaceous! It is made with lemon myrtle, lemongrass, lemon peel, sage, lavender, rose hips, licorice root and calendula petals. Wildflower Honey This raw and unfiltered honey has notes of caramel, maple syrup and floral undertones. INGREDIENTS: 2 oz Empress Gin 4 oz brewed Lavender Sage Lemonade 1-2 oz hot water...

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cocktail tea box + recipes you'll fall in love with 🌺 🍹 🧊 The Cocktail Box This box is made up of our favorite teas we enjoy making cocktails and mocktails with! The teas included are: Tropical Cinnamon Sangria, Strawberry Mojito, Prickly Pear, Bourbon Brew, Coconut Limoncello, and Blood Orange. Check out these tea cocktail recipes ⬇ Blood Orange Bourbon on the Rocks This delicious mocktail doesn't actually contain any ✨ spirit ✨, but you can certainly amp it up with your favorite bourbon to create a perfect spin on an Old Fashioned! Wine Infused Tropical Cinnamon Sangria This sangria recipe is easy to fall in love with and might become a regular recipe for you this summer, just sayin. 😉...

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