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IRISH PU ERH I N G R E D I E N T S Pu Erh tea leaves, Yerba Mate, lemongrass, apple pieces, natural apple flavor, and rose hips. T A S T I N G   N O T E S Irish Pu Erh is earthy with Pu Erh, grassy with Yerba Mate, light and citric with lemongrass, sweet with apple, and tangy with rose hips! It is dynamic and balanced! B R E W   T I P SThis is one of our favorite blends to prepare unsweetened with ice. Prepared this way, Irish Pu Erh is so hydrating and easy to chug! However, this is a blend that is lovely with a little honey as well! We...

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Wake up with: Coconut Crème Pu Erh INGREDIENTS Pu Erh with coconut slivers, almond pieces, cacao shells, and natural flavors. TASTING NOTES Earthy and decadent Pu Erh, rounded out with sweet coconut and almond - this blend will appease the fiercest sweet tooth and was made to energize! BREW  LIKE THIS Brew with honey and a dash of cream! Lovely served hot in the early morning or iced for an afternoon pick-me-up. MORE ABOUT THIS BLEND Pu Erh teas are energizing and boost mental alertness, making them a wonderful alternative to coffee! We love drinking Pu Erh at the start of the work day to give us that "I can do it all and I can do it efficiently" sort of...

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WAKE UP AND ENJOY DESSERT FOR BREAKFAST ️☕ Banana Bread Coffee Pu Erh Close your eyes and imagine biting into a gooey piece of banana bread: that's what this tea feels like. INGREDIENTS:Pu erh tea, rooibos, diced banana chips, marigold flowers, cinnamon chips, and coffee from one of our favorite neighbors, Durango Coffee Co!​SERVE IT LIKE THIS: Try this blend served hot with a generous spoonful of honey and a dash of your preferred creamer: it tastes like fresh banana bread dipped in coffee with cream 🤤 DID WE MENTION IT IS GOOD FOR YOU? We think you all know by now that our main goal is to have wellness be a pleasure: this tea captures the spirit of that intention beautifully. It...

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WAKE UP WITH A CUP:Pecan Pie Pu Erh Start your day right. INGREDIENTS: pu erh tea, black tea, New Mexico pecans, safflower, & natural flavors ​WHY WE LOVE WAKING UP TO THIS BLEND: The magic combination L-theanine, EGCG, and caffeine makes traditional Camellia sinensis teas (white, green, black, oolong, and pu erh) both stimulating for mental alertness and, simultaneously, relaxing: this means you can get a boost and increase mental focus while combating stress. After consuming Camellia sinensis tea, the brain experiences more alpha and theta waves, which are associated with quiet wakefulness, and beta waves, which are associated with mental focus. This increase in a brain activity explains why so many of us here at OBTC enjoy traditional Camellia sinensis teas during creative tasks, to...

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OUR TEA OF THE MONTH:MATE + PU ERH MOCHA MATE + STRAWBERRY HAZELNUT PU ERH = 🤤Mocha Mate:toasted maté tea, dark chocolate chips, marigold flowers, & natural flavorsStrawberry Hazelnut Pu Erh:pu erh tea leaves, strawberries, cocoa nibs, rose petals, & natural flavors MOCHA MATEMocha Mate is a great substitute for coffee because it is energizing and packed with nutrients that promote brain function, memory, and concentration. Mate is touted for stimulating digestion and weight loss. Also, it is often commonly referred to as a sexual tonic because it is a natural stimulant for the adrenal cortex.​ STRAWBERRY HAZELNUT PU ERHPu Erh is often the base for "skinny teas" as it boosts digestion, combats bloating, aids in fat burning, and revs up the metabolism. However, it's list of benefits far exceeds this. It is a great...

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