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When you need to concentrate... Try diffusing these essential oils ⬇ PEPPERMINT Massage into forehead and temples or diffuse to awaken your senses and keep you alert. LAVENDER Diffuse this to calm the mind. Sink into a relaxed kind of focus. FRANKINCENSE Diffuse to balance the nervous system and improve focus and creativity. Set yourself up for success with the full package. ⬇︎ The Mental Focus Gift Set Yerba Maté Gift Set Summertime Brews Set

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💞 Build a Box of Chocolate Tea 💞 The month is all about love and chocolate! Check out these loose leaf tea blends made with real cocoa. You can say yes to decadence and wellness at the same time. 😉 ⬇ Chocolate Orange Pu Erh Do you love orange flavored chocolate? This tea is earthy with dark chocolate notes and a bright citrus flavor. It is bold, decadent, and made with pu erh tea which promotes healthy digestion. Serve hot with a little honey to enhance the richness of this blend! Shroom Boom Cocoa This powdered tea blend is made with adaptogenic plants and mushrooms. Don't be fooled by these ultra-healthy ingredients - this blend is creamy, chocolatey, and so indulgent....

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February 2023 Happy February fellow tea lovers! Wow - it seems like I blinked and January flew by! How was your January? Did you participate in the Matcha Challenge? Did you set some New Year's resolutions for yourself? I must admit, it probably took me a couple of weeks into January to do a proper reflection and resetting of my goals. But I am feeling much better about my goals and mindfulness, even if it took a couple of weeks. And if that was your case too - it's okay! It's never too late to get back on track. 😊 February is here, and we have some great products of the month to share with you. Check them out below!...

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The Bombilla. it's a really cool straw. No tea infuser necessary. Bombillas are traditionally used to drink Yerba Maté from a gourd, but you can really use a bombilla with any tea! How does it work? The lower end of the metal straw is perforated and acts as a filter, which is used to separate your tea infusion from the leaves, stems, and other debris. The filter on the straw can be removed and opened for cleaning. PRO TIP: The bombilla is great for travelers who want to enjoy loose leaf tea but don't want to carry along an infuser. Say hello to your new airplane buddy. ✈️ Try using your bombilla with these teas: Chinese Milk Oolong Dragon Pearl Black Berry...

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YOGA & TEA PAIRING Check out our January yoga flow with our favorite yogi, Ashley. Matcha Matcha is bold, earthy, and clean! It supports healthy brain function, boosts metabolism, and is rich in antioxidants. When you drink matcha, you are consuming the full tea leaf and all of the leaf's nutrients! This month we will pair our Matcha with a dynamic yoga sequence that will help you ease back into your work and exercise routine. Start the new year by warming up your muscles and building stamina. 💪🏼 Follow along in the video below. ⬇︎ Namaste friends. We hope you have a lovely day! This flow and descriptions were generously provided by our favorite yogi, Ashley. Ashley is a New Mexico...

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