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E∙N∙E∙R∙G∙I∙Z∙E Yerba Maté Yerba Mate is earthy, grassy, and bright. When steeped in water too hot, Yerba Mate can taste slightly ashy. When prepared delicately, the flavor is just so lovely and refreshing! Yerba Mate also has many health benefits... Check it out ⬇︎ YERBA MATE 🤓 Yerba Mate is a shrub from South America and is commonly shared to encourage lively conversation. It is stimulating for the body and mind, as it provides nutrients to the brain. Yerba Mate contains pantothenic acid, which stimulates metabolism and helps the body convert food into energy. Pantothenic acid also regulates hormone production and stimulates the adrenal system. With a combination of B and C vitamins, Yerba Mate soothes the nervous system and diminishes stress....

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Don't forget to stock up - here are some summer refreshers for consideration ⬇︎ Herbaceous & Fruity Lemongrass & Prickly Pear Serve iced, with Avocado Honey, fresh squeezed lemon, and a shot of whiskey! The Minty Mocha Peppermint & Mocha Mate Serve iced, with Wildflower Honey and a dash of cream! July's Tea of the Month Wild Strawberry & Berry Serve iced, with Mesquite Honey and garnish with fresh berries! The Lavender Shortbread Cookie Lavenderberry White & Vanilla Rooibos Serve iced, with a Mesquite Honey and dash of cream!

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For Dad 💖 Gift Card $25: For the dad who is dipping his toes in the tea pool of wellness - we expect he'll be back for more later. $50: For the dad who drinks tea and knows what he wants - this is a restock! $100: For the dad who loves tea - not as much as he loves his children, but it is honestly a tight race. $150: For the dad who fancies himself a tea sommelier. He ages his own Pu Erh and has invented blend combinations we don't even know about. He doesn't love tea - he is tea. We reached out to the dads in our lives to find out what their favorite teas are -...

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OUR TEA OF THE MONTH:MATE + PU ERH MOCHA MATE + STRAWBERRY HAZELNUT PU ERH = 🤤Mocha Mate:toasted maté tea, dark chocolate chips, marigold flowers, & natural flavorsStrawberry Hazelnut Pu Erh:pu erh tea leaves, strawberries, cocoa nibs, rose petals, & natural flavors MOCHA MATEMocha Mate is a great substitute for coffee because it is energizing and packed with nutrients that promote brain function, memory, and concentration. Mate is touted for stimulating digestion and weight loss. Also, it is often commonly referred to as a sexual tonic because it is a natural stimulant for the adrenal cortex.​ STRAWBERRY HAZELNUT PU ERHPu Erh is often the base for "skinny teas" as it boosts digestion, combats bloating, aids in fat burning, and revs up the metabolism. However, it's list of benefits far exceeds this. It is a great...

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WE LIKE TO CALL IT Chocolate Covered Berries Who needs a box of chocolates when you have this dessert in a cup?   BERRY: Natural forrest berries, blueberries, hibiscus flowers, cranberries, and rose hips.  MOCHA MATE: Toasted maté tea blended with dark chocolate chips, marigold flowers, and natural flavors. This blend is bright and decadent! We love to serve it hot with a spoonful of honey and a dash of cream.  With antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, you can feel good about the indulgence! Happy tea time friends!

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