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As friends and family gather for the holidays, you might be in search of a delicious and unique recipe to share. Here are some of our favorites we featured on the blog this year.

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These autumn-inspired tea (and spice) cocktail recipes are tried and true!


A Caramel Apple Sangria with Apple Empanada Tea

This recipe has flavors of sweet pastry, crisp apple, subtle cinnamon, malted beer and hickory. It is decadent and reminiscent of a caramel apple!

A Bloody Mary with Red Chile Powder

This immunity boosting recipe will light a fire in your heart! It can be made as a classic brunch cocktail or as a non-alcoholic savory and spicy health tonic. Maybe it's the perfect drink to get you going on Thanksgiving day?

A Pumpkin Apple Shandy with Pumpkin Pie Chai

This is the perfect fall shandy recipe because it combines the best flavors of the season- pumpkin and apple! This shandy is quite chuggable so beware. Make on Sundays while watching football or for all your fall festivities.


Make one of these dishes to take to a potluck or for Sunday football.

Green Chile Stew with Green Chile Powder

It's officially stew season! This spicy recipe is a classic New Mexican treat and is a staple for the cooler weather. Warm yourself from the inside out with this green chile stew.

Healthy Potato Salad with Sweet Hungarian Paprika

This healthy potato salad recipe may become your new go-to when you are asked to bring a side dish! It's got the crunch that everyone loves, but also has a creamy and zesty dressing that is unique and tasty as can be.

African Spice (Harissa) Chicken Wings

This easy chicken wing recipe is the perfect thing to make as a main dish! After the wings are done cooking they are tossed in a honey BBQ sauce. Beware: this sweet and spicy recipe is ADDICTING! e perfect thing to make as a main dish! After the wings are done cooking they are toss.


Here's some after dinner tea dessert recipes for you:

Pumpkin Pie Chai Latte

This creamy latte recipe has the trifecta of fall flavors: nutmeg, clove, and of course, pumpkin! It is caffeine free and so decadent. Be prepared: your littles might just say it is the "best tea ever" and want it every day.

Superfood Golden Milk Digester

Golden milk is an ancient Indian recipe, and has amazing medicinal properties! This creamy latte recipe is caffeine free and so easy to love. While it tastes like dessert, it is a digestion-boosting wellness brew.

Bee Pollen Black Butter Tea

Butter Tea is a traditional drink in Tibet made from tea leaves, butter (traditionally from yak milk), water and salt. This recipe is completely indulgent tasting and warms the body (and the heart).

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