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NEW TEA BLEND: GINGER ORCHARD MEDLEY Tasting Notes The spiciness of the ginger in this blend is softened by chamomile, brightened with lemon myrtle, and rounded out with the earthiness of oolong. With nuances of apple and peach, this blend is reminiscent of an orchard overgrown with wild flowers and herbs. Brew Like This Brew with honey and serve over ice! Try adding fresh squeezed lime to create an iced tea as refreshing as a Moscow Mule!

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For Dad 💖 Gift Card $25: For the dad who is dipping his toes in the tea pool of wellness - we expect he'll be back for more later. $50: For the dad who drinks tea and knows what he wants - this is a restock! $100: For the dad who loves tea - not as much as he loves his children, but it is honestly a tight race. $150: For the dad who fancies himself a tea sommelier. He ages his own Pu Erh and has invented blend combinations we don't even know about. He doesn't love tea - he is tea. We reached out to the dads in our lives to find out what their favorite teas are -...

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Sencha Green & Lemongrass Serve hot or iced and unsweetened.  The combination reminds us of being at brunch with friends somewhere charming and airy - like a farm to table patio restaurant! It is so easy to drink and makes a great companion for exercise. Our herbalist explained, "It is just so light and hydrating! If you're out on a bike ride or a hike, Sencha and Lemongrass is one you can chug because it is not too heavy and it is so refreshing!" Ginger Orchard Medley Serve iced with honey and fresh squeezed lime. This blend is a brand new creation from our herbalist and blending team and it is inspired by nature! The spiciness of ginger is mellowed...

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APRIL'S TEA OF THE MONTH: WHITE PEACH & HONEYSUCKLE BLOSSOM OOLONG HONEYSUCKLE BLOSSOM OOLONGoolong, honeysuckle buds, lemongrass, apples, marigold flowers, and natural flavors​WHITE PEACHwhite tea, dried peach pieces, marigold flowers, and natural flavors SERVE IT LIKE THIS:Serve iced, either unsweetened or with a small spoonful of honey!​WHY IS THIS BLEND OUR TEA OF THE MONTH?This blend captures the spirit of spring well. It is the type of tea you want to drink in the garden on a sunshiny afternoon or bring along for a hike! It is just so hydrating and refreshing! This combo is floral with bright peachy notes and a hint of lemongrass tanginess. Happy Tea Time!

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S U N S H I N E kind of tea

FRONT PORCH TEA: Summerville Sweet Tea   INGREDIENTS: black tea, oolong tea, spearmint, lemon, marigold, and natural flavors SERVE IT LIKE THIS: Sweeten with a spoonful of mesquite honey and serve over ice! WHY WE LOVE IT: Summerville Sweet Tea is a wonderful iced tea blend! It is refreshing and sweet with spearmint, bright with citrus, and beautifully earthy with oolong and black tea. These days, we're finding it incredibly important to focus our minds on simple pleasures: afternoon iced tea in the garden or on the front porch is a ritual that brings us both energy and peace simultaneously.  Oolong and black tea are made from the Camellia sinensis plant, so they have that magic combination of compounds that both stimulates...

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