Serve hot or iced and unsweetened. 
The combination reminds us of being at brunch with friends somewhere charming and airy - like a farm to table patio restaurant! It is so easy to drink and makes a great companion for exercise. Our herbalist explained, "It is just so light and hydrating! If you're out on a bike ride or a hike, Sencha and Lemongrass is one you can chug because it is not too heavy and it is so refreshing!"

Ginger Orchard Medley

Serve iced with honey and fresh squeezed lime.

This blend is a brand new creation from our herbalist and blending team and it is inspired by nature! The spiciness of ginger is mellowed by nuances of apple blossoms, wild chamomile, and earthy oolong. With a hint of lemon myrtle, this blend has a dynamic and herbaceous flavor that reminds us of being in an orchard coming to life in the summer sun!

Lavenderberry White & Vanilla Rooibos

Serve hot or iced with honey and a dash of cream!

This blend reminds us of afternoon tea with sweet baked treats! It is fruit-forward with blueberry, fresh and floral with lavender, and rounded out with the nutty sweetness of vanilla rooibos! This is a great one to pair with shortbread cookies and to share with guests for afternoon tea!


Serve iced with a spoonful of honey.
This blend is vibrantly fruit-forward and sweet - like the juiciest summer fruit! It is naturally caffeine free, rich in Vitamin C, and one the whole family will love! Brewed, it is a lovely red color and carries notes of fresh flowers and cranberry.

 Plus, it makes a great tea cocktail base for hot summer nights!

Honeysuckle Blossom Oolong & White Peach

Serve iced with a spoonful of honey.

This blend reminds us of spending time in the garden, watching the hummingbirds visit our honeysuckles, and of lounging in the yard! Like bouquet of fresh herbs for the table or scooping up a slice of fresh peach from a cocktail, this blend makes us feel relaxed and indulgent in the most wholesome way! It is a beautiful marriage of fruit and flowers, a strikingly feminine combination we love to get lost in!

Blooming Tea Ball

Serve hot in a glass teapot - intended to be shared.

We're spending a lot more time at home these days and many of us are seeking creative ways to bring a little more magic into our private spaces. A blooming tea ball, blossomed in a glass tea pot or a mason jar, is an enchanting experience to share. These blooming teas were chosen for the summer shipment to inspire lovely conversation for you and your guests. Their flavor is delicate, grassy, and clean.

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