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Our Durango guests love traditional teas as much as they love they love our more complex blends! Shortly after becoming a part of the Durango community, we wanted to make a tea gift box just for our Colorado guests! Read about why we chose the teas for our Colorado Gift Box! YERBA MATÉ - We chose this South American tea, because Durango's locals love their Mate! They are educated about the traditional practices and health benefits of drinking this high caffeinated tea! VALLEY ORCHARD MEDLEY - This tea was very popular iced in the summer! We also loved that it had the word "valley," in the name. Colorado is full of valleys, mountains, rivers and all types of landscapes. WHITE PEACH - Coloradans love their peaches!! Peach...

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It is a common misconception that all types of tea are steeped in a boiling water and for a set time limit. On the contrary, each type of tea needs to be steeped at a different temperature, and for varying times, depending on the type of tea and how strong you prefer it. Steeping a tea at the wrong temperature or longer than it's supposed to be steeped can lead to a bitter tasting and/or burnt cup of tea! Below is a list of what temperature each type of tea should be steeped at and for how long! These are our recommendations for the best tasting cup: 175 degrees F Green Teas - 2 to 3 minutes  Mate Teas - 3 to 5 minutes...

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