For Dad 💖

$25: For the dad who is dipping his toes in the tea pool of wellness - we expect he'll be back for more later.

$50: For the dad who drinks tea and knows what he wants - this is a restock!

$100: For the dad who loves tea - not as much as he loves his children, but it is honestly a tight race.

$150: For the dad who fancies himself a tea sommelier. He ages his own Pu Erh and has invented blend combinations we don't even know about. He doesn't love tea - he is tea.

We reached out to the dads in our lives to find out what their favorite teas are - here is the list…

Banana Bread Coffee Pu Erh

This blend makes a great alternative to coffee in the morning. Pu Erh is great because it gives you a ton of energy, but also calms the mind - making it a great companion for dads who have jobs that require a lot of mental focus. Try preparing with cream and honey - it is hardy, so you'll feel full and satiated before you've even had your first bite of breakfast!

Peppermint & Lemongrass


This blend is great before bed because it soothes aches and pains by reducing inflammation. It is a great natural remedy for sinus issues, headaches, and upset stomach.

Summerville Sweet Tea

This blend is SO refreshing and makes a great afternoon pick-me-up for the dad who gets a little sleepy in the afternoon. It is lovely served iced, with a spoonful of honey!

Berry & South Indian Black

This blend is bright, tangy, and makes a great exercise companion! It is a great immunity booster and is heart healthy. Dads with little kids might like this one best because kids tend to love it too - making it great for sharing!

Yerba Maté

Yerba Mate is simple, earthy, and grassy.  It is energizing and promotes digestion and weight loss. This one is wonderful served hot at breakfast time or iced during the heat of the afternoon!

Tropical Black

Tropical black is bright, bold and fruit forward! This blend is a great lunch time tea and is wonderful served iced with honey. Make it an Arnold Palmer by blending with Lavender Sage Lemonade and preparing with fresh squeezed lemon!

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