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berry chamomile  + methods for the best brew Sweet Summertime 🌼 🍓 🌺 This blend captures summertime in a cup! Our Berry and Chamomile teas are combined to make this beauty, full of tart hibiscus, rose, blueberry, and strawberry flavor. The chamomile adds a lovely touch of mellow honey flavor and is full of wellness boosting properties. Make this blend to accompany you on all your summer activities spent outdoors with friends and family! We recommend serving Berry Chamomile iced on hot days with a dollop of Orange Blossom Honey and lots of fresh strawberries, or serving hot on cool summer nights to unwind before bed. Berry & Chamomile Blended with hibiscus, rose hips, blueberries, strawberries, dried chamomile flowers and natural flavors. BREW TIPS:...

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mountain sunrise & blueberry + methods for the best brew Fruit punch, but healthy. 🥭 🍎 This blend is bursting with sweet fruit flavor! It is a wonderful way to get antioxidants and elevate wellness, and it is one the whole family will love! Make a batch of it iced to bring with you to a barbecue, on a picnic, or to the pool! We recommend serving Mountain Sunrise and Blueberry with extra ice, a dollop of Orange Blossom Honey and lot of fresh fruit such as mangos, strawberries, and blueberries. Mountain Sunrise & Blueberry Blended with blueberries, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, apple pieces, green rooibos tea, calendula flowers, orange peels, mango pieces, and natural flavors. BREW TIPS: Add 1-2 teaspoons of tea and steep in...

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SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Bailey's Favorites + Tips and Tricks️ OUR APRIL EMPLOYEE FEATURE This month we are shining the spotlight on Bailey, one of OBTC's owners! Bailey has been here since day one, and has poured her heart into the creation of our little tea company. Her passion for wellness and her natural ability to think creatively has played a vital part in making the business what it is today. Bailey's favorite part about her job is that she gets to work with so many bright, health-oriented, and happy-natured people. We also feel the same way about working with her, because she lights up any room she enters and is an instant friend to everyone. Check out Bailey's favorite...

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Prickly Pear & Wild Strawberry + methods for the best brew. White Chocolate Covered Strawberries 🍓 🤍  🍓 🤍 That's right, you heard us! This low caffeine blend surprises you with a delicate white chocolate covered strawberry flavor! Complimented with notes of watermelon, vanilla and rose, this tea blend is simply delicious and one of a kind. The ingredients in this blend support brain health while protecting against premature aging. 🌸 We recommend serving Wild Strawberry & Prickly Pear with a touch of Mesquite Honey to bring out those surprising white chocolate flavors! Serve with lots of ice, a tiny splash of Vanilla Extract and chunks of watermelon and/or strawberry. Prickly Pear & Wild Strawberry With green rooibos, sencha green tea, hibiscus, pear pieces, safflower, white tea, apple pieces, blueberries,...

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White Peach & Jasmine + methods for the best brew 🍑 Delicate & Peachy 🍑 This low caffeine, delicately delicious blend is soothing with jasmine and hydrating with a juicy peach flavor. It is naturally sweet and is the perfect iced tea blend to enjoy outside on a warm spring day. This blend supports immunity, promotes neurological health and boosts your mood almost instantly. ☀️ We recommend serving White Peach & Jasmine White Monkey with a touch of Cotton Honey to highlight the natural floral and fruity flavors. Serve with lots of ice, muddled peach, and a few sprigs of sage or mint to compliment the delicate jasmine flavor. White Peach & Jasmine White Monkey With white tea, peach pieces, calendula petals, white monkey...

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