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Tea Club Members get 15% off in store and online all the time. Here are the blends we included in the shipment: ☀️ ⛱ 💦 Enchanted Lavender Earl Grey & Vanilla Rooibos This blend takes a spin on a classic afternoon tea, often served at tea parties! Earl Grey just became even more lovable, as lavender flowers, orange peels, and vanilla add a bold citrus-floral element to this timeless and tasteful tea. This blend protects the heart, reduces inflammation, and soothes anxiety. Lemongrass & Chamomile This light and sunshiney herbal blend soothes the mind and body, as both of the ingredients used in this blend are found in many gardens! Chamomile is comforting with earthy honey and apple notes, as lemongrass...

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This deal exists all. year. long. Do you ever wish you could try a tea before you commit to it? Do you have an interest in sampling new teas without spending a lot of money? We might just have a solution for you... Subscribe to the box and save $$$. Get your first box this month. When you join tea club, you get 6 of our favorite blends for the season shipped to your door every 3 months. Tea club usually includes our newest blends and blend combinations not offered in the tin size - so you can expand your tea palate and find new blends to love each season! CANCEL ANYTIME. SKIP SHIPMENTS. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Get more bang for your...

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APRIL 2022 Hello tea lovers! Happy April and happy spring! I don't know about you, but my February seemed to dragged by, and in contrast, March flew by! Spring has officially sprung, and as they say April showers bring May flowers! One thing that has grown (pun intended) on me while being a part of this amazing company is my green thumb. If you have been in ANY of our shops (including our Warehouse) you will see so many thriving plants (what I like to call, green girls)! This is not only represented in all of our shops, but also in many of our own homes. Being surrounded by beautiful green girls at home helps my mental health so much!...

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Prickly Pear & Wild Strawberry + methods for the best brew. White Chocolate Covered Strawberries 🍓 🤍  🍓 🤍 That's right, you heard us! This low caffeine blend surprises you with a delicate white chocolate covered strawberry flavor! Complimented with notes of watermelon, vanilla and rose, this tea blend is simply delicious and one of a kind. The ingredients in this blend support brain health while protecting against premature aging. 🌸 We recommend serving Wild Strawberry & Prickly Pear with a touch of Mesquite Honey to bring out those surprising white chocolate flavors! Serve with lots of ice, a tiny splash of Vanilla Extract and chunks of watermelon and/or strawberry. Prickly Pear & Wild Strawberry With green rooibos, sencha green tea, hibiscus, pear pieces, safflower, white tea, apple pieces, blueberries,...

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spring sangria with blueberry & apple empanada tea 🌷 🌿 🌷 🌿 🌷 This tea cocktail is inspired by a fresh blueberry pie and is made for sipping on as the spring season starts to bloom! Our Blueberry & Apple Empanada tea shines in the spotlight of this dry sangria recipe as flavors of tart blueberry, hibiscus and rose blend with sweet vanilla and apple notes. The tea blend is infused in Nuevo Nouveau, a red wine blend from our favorite wine producer, Noisy Water Winery and sweetened up with our mellow Sunflower Honey. Topped off with a dash of warming Vietnamese Cinnamon and made in our Flash Iced Tea Maker, this sangria is sure to satisfy. BY THE WAY Blueberry & Apple Empanada is 1 of 6 tea blends that was included...

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