Progress is never linear.

If you have set goals for yourself in the past and had a hard time sticking to them—don't worry you aren't alone! 😆
BUT there are a few strategies for goal setting that might help you stick to them.
Check out these tips on how to realistically set and achieve goals this year.

1. Be specific (like super specific).

Many of us have fitness or intellectual growth goals that come with restrictions. Rather than thinking about habits you’ll avoid, think about how you can manifest new behaviors. Rather than “don’t do that,” think “I’ll do more of this instead of that.”

Also, make it easy to measure your success by being specific in your goals. For example, your goal could be to read or journal every morning instead of checking your cell phone notifications or to stretch while watching your favorite series instead of sitting on the couch.

And if you can, put it into numbers. How many miles do you want to be able to walk or run? How many books will you read? How many ounces of water will you drink? Once you have established this, track your progress. This will motivate you and will help you identify where you get stuck so you can adjust your plan.

2. Make the time for yourself.

Instead of assuming you’ll find the time to achieve your goals, schedule the time. Put it in your planner, on your to do list or on you phone calendar (whatever you actually use), and treat it like it is a priority. It might feel silly putting “meditate for 5 minutes" on your to do list, but you might be more likely to actually meditate if you treat this goal like any of your other daily tasks—as a “to do” item vs a “might do if I find the time” item.

3. Stop being so hard on yourself.

When you set a goal for yourself do you feel like you have to do it 100% and if you don't you might as well give up entirely? Yeah, that's boloney. If your goal is to put 10% of your paycheck into your savings account each month but you end up over-spending, it's OK. Every little bit counts and doing even a little bit of something good is a win.

It's not about being perfect. It is about changing your habits and improving your quality of life. If you fall short at any point, acknowledge your mistake, think about ways you can help yourself achieve your goals (and implement) and then LET IT GO.

Hop back up on that pony, queen.

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