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End of Summer Herbs 3 ways to use them so they don't go to waste 🌿 🍵 Now that summer is coming to an end, you might be looking for creative ways to put your garden herbs to use. Being creative with natural ingredients is kind of our thing. Get the most out of your herbs and check out these simple ways to use them. PSST: these easy DIYS make great little gifts. ⬇ Make infused olive oil. Simply add oil and basil. thyme, rosemary, or whatever you herbs you have to a swing top bottle. Let steep in the pantry for 1 month to get the best flavor. Make a salt scrub. Herbs have tons of health benefits and...

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DIY MASSAGE OIL with our essential oil blend of the month Spa Day Essential Oil Blend botanical ∙ luxurious ∙ nature’s perfume This herbaceous essential oil combination helps you find your zen and pairs well with a yoga or meditation practice. THINGS YOU NEED: 8 drops of Sweet Orange EO 6 drops of Lavender EO 6 drops of Clary Sage EO 1/4 cup of grapeseed oil (or carrier oil of choice.) Grapeseed oil is ultra moisturizing and helps treat sun-damaged and dry skin, which in turn will help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. 2 oz glass bottle DIRECTIONS: Add all ingredients to the glass bottle and shake to blend together. This oil is best to use after showering or bathing, but can be...

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DIY BUG REPELLENT with our essential oil blend of the month Fresh Cut Grass Essential Oil Blend countryside air ∙ sweet vegetation ∙ the color green As the monsoon season approaches and the ground becomes quenched, more greenery than ever covers the surface of the Earth! During this time of year, we are reminded of a scent that brings back the fondest memories of summertime - freshly cut grass. This energizing essential oil blend works to stabilize your mood and gives you a nice dose of nature that you can bring inside your home.  DIY BUG REPELLENT ⬇ This homemade bug repellent uses natural and safe ingredients to keep the bugs away while you enjoy outdoor summer activities. THINGS YOU...

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DIY FOAMING HAND SOAP with our essential oil blend of the month Backroad Lemonade Stand Essential Oil Blend tart lemon ∙ sweet florals ∙ summertime This essential oil combination reminds us of childhood summers, spent running through sprinklers and selling lemonade on the side of the road. This uplifting blend inspires feelings of nostalgia and joy, as aromas of tart citrus and sweet florals fill the air. The three oils work together to promote a fresh and clean feeling. DIY FOAMING HAND SOAP ⬇ This homemade hand soap naturally kills germs and moisturizes the skin with simple and clean ingredients. THINGS YOU NEED: 1 refillable foaming soap bottle. (You can reuse one you already have!) water 2 Tbsp. liquid castile soap 1-2...

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DIY ROOM & LINEN SPRAY with our essential oil blend of the month Invite the sunshine in. ✨ TAKE 10% OFF THIS BLEND ALL MONTH LONG ✨ Nirvana Essential Oil Blend popsicle stand ∙ sweet citrus ∙ sun-drenched earth This essential oil combination awakens the senses and encourages feelings of happiness and bliss! It captures the aroma of early summer, as citrus fruits are coming into season, while a sense of carefree playfulness sweeps over the earth. These three oils work together to relieve stress and to energize and refresh your space. DIY ROOM & LINEN SPRAY ⬇ Spray on your bedding and in your favorite room in the mornings to bring in that sunshine and welcome a new day. THINGS YOU...

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