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spring simmer pot 🌷🌙🌷🌙🌷 that also serves as a tasty tea cleanse out stagnant energy today. The Spring Equinox is today, which marks the start of the spring season! As the Earth starts to awaken from its winter slumber, it is a perfect time to light some sage, meditate, sew seeds for your garden, or burn a simmer pot on the stove to welcome fresh energy. Yes, simmer pots can be used all year long! This particular spring simmer pot recipe has our Blood Orange and Ginger teas, a dash of Vanilla Extract to bring out the natural sweetness and fresh wheels of fruit. Once you are done simmering, you can pour the liquid over ice and enjoy it as a tea! 🍊 HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED...

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DIY Hair, Skin & Cuticle Oil with essential oils Using essential oils in your self care routine is a game changer! In this DIY, we are focusing on skin and hair health because we feel so dry and brittle in the winter months! The Cedarwood essential oil in this mixture is naturally antibacterial and soothes conditions like acne and eczema, while the Rosemary in this blend works to promote hair growth as it moisturizes the scalp and strengthens your hair follicles. THINGS YOU NEED: carrier oil of your choice (Grapeseed oil for blemish prone skin, jojoba oil for oily skin, almond oil for dry skin, rosehip seed oil for aging skin.) 1 oz glass dropper bottle 6 drops of vitamin E oil 7 drops...

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DIY Dryer Ball Spray with essential oils If you don't have a few already, you need dryer balls. They are made of tightly compressed wool and you throw them in with your wet laundry to dry. The dryer balls work their way in between clothes to reduce dry time and prevent wrinkles. They are an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets because they are completely chemical free. Using a dryer ball spray on your dryer balls adds moisture to the dryer which helps reduce static. Plus it is a great way to add a lovely aroma to your laundry. THINGS YOU NEED: a few dryer balls 4 oz spray bottle 2 Tbsp. witch hazel distilled water 20-25 drops of essential oil. (This is where...

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DIY Beeswax Candles with our essential oil blend of the month Oh, Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend fallen snow ∙ freshly cut evergreen ∙ cold menthol With cedar wood, peppermint, and pine needle, this blend captures the aroma of a freshly cut Christmas tree! In this DIY we will show you how to make your own candles scented like a Christmas tree! THINGS YOU NEED: 1 pound of granulated beeswax pellets aluminum pitcher or can sauce pan 1/2 cup coconut oil cotton candle wicks & holders two 12 oz glass jars (old jam jars work great!) or heat safe containers of your choice 20 drops Cedarwood EO 15 drops of Peppermint EO 20 drops of Pine Needle EO DIRECTIONS: Place...

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DIY UNDER EYE SERUM with our essential oil blend of the month Harvest Life Essential Oil Blend musky-sweet ∙ aged wood ∙ subtle spice With orange, ginger, and frankincense, this blend is sweet, spicy, and earthy. It's an excellent oil blend to diffuse during the holidays, but also makes a great under eye serum because of all of its skin rejuvenating qualities! THINGS YOU NEED: 1 small roller bottle to store your serum in almond oil (almond oil is rich in vitamin E which keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage and helps your skin look smooth) 7 drops of Sweet Orange EO 6 drops of Frankincense EO 4 drops of Ginger EO DIRECTIONS: Add all...

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