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spring has sprung our garden tips + seed starters 💦 ☀️ 🪴 Start by sprouting seeds indoors, then transplant the biodegradable tray (included in starter kit) outside. Add to your garden or patio container when the weather is consistently warm and there is no threat of freeze. Patio Punch Seed Starter Trio Grows organic watermelon, strawberries, and mint. Mighty Minis Seed Starter Trio Grows dwarf cucumber, baby eggplant, and cherry tomatoes.  Did you know that composting tea leaves is incredibly beneficial for your plants? Tea leaves are rich in nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen! Decomposing tea leaves aid in moisture retention, weed suppression, and of course, nourishing your plants. Not to mention, tea leaves are superfood for worms! PRO TIP: If...

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APRIL INTENTIONS: giving thanks to mother earth Happy April, you tea lovers! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and we are in prime time pollinator season. This month reminds us of all that Mother Earth gives us and that's why we want to share some simple and realistic ways to live eco-consciously and be better friends to the bees. Check out our tips! ⬇︎ Use things up. It will make your life easier. Reducing the amount of trash we create can be as simple as reusing or repurposing consumer goods rather than throwing them away. Here are some ideas: For butter wrappers: Once you remove the wrapper from a stick of butter, place the wrapper in a ziplock...

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End of Summer Herbs 3 ways to use them so they don't go to waste 🌿 🍵 Now that summer is coming to an end, you might be looking for creative ways to put your garden herbs to use. Being creative with natural ingredients is kind of our thing. Get the most out of your herbs and check out these simple ways to use them. PSST: these easy DIYS make great little gifts. ⬇ Make infused olive oil. Simply add oil and basil. thyme, rosemary, or whatever you herbs you have to a swing top bottle. Let steep in the pantry for 1 month to get the best flavor. Make a salt scrub. Herbs have tons of health benefits and...

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Our deep biological connection 🪴 🪴 🪴 Did you know that just being around plants can calm our body's natural response to stress and anxiety, increase attentiveness, and improve memory? Being around plants helps improve memory and attention span by 20 percent, ultimately leading to being more productive! Desert Rose Bonsai Terracotta Hydro Grow Kit Healing Aloe Terracotta Hydro Grow Kit Prickly Pear Cactus Terracotta Hydro Grow Kit These terracotta kits are outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” which brings water and nutrients up to the plant's roots. So whether you forget to water, overwater, or both, this planter's got you covered. Shop more hydro planters ⬇ Thank You Daisies Tiny Terracotta Kit Live Well Lavender Tiny Terracotta Kit...

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Are you a fellow plant parent? Because if you are, it's ok to feed your obsession. It's a good one. 💦☀️🪴 Planting season is here! That means it's time to move the indoor plants outdoors, repot the plants that grew over the winter, and start some seeds! ⬇ Green Goddess Seed Starter Trio With certified non-GMO spinach, kale and swiss chard seeds. 🍃🥬🥗 Mighty Minis Seed Starter Trio With certified non-GMO mini cucumber, baby eggplant and cherry tomato seeds. 🥒🍆🍅 Patio Punch Seed Starter Trio With certified organic watermelon, non-GMO strawberry and organic mint seeds. 🍉🍓🌿 Start by sprouting seeds indoors, then transplant the biodegradable tray (included in starter kit) outside. Add to your garden or patio container when the...

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