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Feel fresh, energized, & happy with: AUGUST'S  TEA OF THE MONTH INGREDIENTS White Peach white tea, peach pieces, marigold flowers, and natural flavors Ginger Orchard Medley oolong tea, chamomile, apples, peaches, lemon myrtle, ginger and natural flavors TASTING NOTES ginger ale ∙ floral undertones ∙ peach ∙ crisp apple ∙ subtle citrus BENEFITS: WATCH THE BREAK DOWN ⬇ White tea & Oolong tea The caffeine in Oolong and White Tea is countered by the relaxation inducing amino acid, L-theanine. Caffeine and L-theanine work together to simultaneously stimulate mental alertness while mellowing the body and mind. The resulting feeling is great for yoga and meditation, creative work tasks, or in depth study sessions!  These teas are PACKED with antioxidants and promote healthy...

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August 2020 Happy August friends! How was your July? Mine flew by, which I wasn't too mad about since 2020 has felt like a long year! I am ready to embrace August and everything it brings! Are you?? Are you going back to school or taking your home office back to a physical work space? Are you still enjoying either of those virtually? Either way, we have some great products for you to enjoy while you're soaking up those summer feels, or gearing back up for school. Check them out below!👇 Tea Blend of the Month: Ginger Orchard Medley + White Peach GINGER ORCHARD MEDLEY is blended with dark oolong tea, chamomile, apples, peaches, lemon myrtle, ginger and natural flavors. This bold...

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| Cook and Prep Time: 30  minutes | Ingredients: 2 Ribeye steaks Olive oil OBTC Hickory Smoked Sea Salt Ground Pepper Blue cheese, crumbled (optional) Gorgonzola cheese, crumbled (optional)   directions: Rub steak well with olive oil. Season steak with OBTC Hickory Smoked Sea Salt and ground pepper to taste. Sear steak on both sides either on a grill or in cast iron skillet. Remove steaks from the grill and place in the oven at 300℉ until desired doneness. About 3 minutes prior to pulling steaks from the oven, sprinkle crumbled Blue cheese and Gorgonzola cheese, as desired. Allow cheese to slightly melt.

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TOMATO MOZZARELLA SALAD by Morgan Switzer-McGinley Ingredients: 1 cup mozzarella pearls 2 cups cherry tomatoes 3 Tbsp fresh basil, roughly chopped 3 Tbsp basil oil, olive oil, or Tea Seed Oil 3 tsp OBTC Italian Seasoning 3 tsp OBTC Thirteenth Wonder Directions: Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and serve immediately, or refrigerate and then it's ready to serve at dinner.

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GRILLED PORK CHOPS by Morgan Switzer McGinley Ingredients: 4 thick-cut pork chops 1 Tbsp garlic oil 1 Tbsp OBTC Serbian Blend Directions: Coat pork with oil and seasoning. Heat grill to medium/high and cook chops for 7 - 8 minutes each side (it's ok if it is slightly pink on the inside).

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