September 2020
Happy September friends! As many schools are starting back up, we hope you are settling into your new routines and roles, both virtually or in person. My own daughter started school this week, in person, for the first time since March! It's so strange not having her home with me, but I think we're both going to appreciate some normalcy and a routine! We've got some great products that we're excited to be using this month as we move into this seasonal transition month! Check them out below! 👇
Tea Blend of the Month: Blueberry & Vanilla Rooibos

We chose to blend BLUEBERRY and VANILLA ROOIBOS together this month because it reminds us of a blueberry muffin or a blueberry pie. We think it is the perfect tea to transition between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It is still a little bright, thanks to the blueberry, apple and hibiscus, but also warm and silky, thanks to the nutty, earthy vanilla and rooibos!

Blueberry is blended with blueberries, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, apple pieces, and natural flavor. This blend is naturally sweet with bold fruit flavor! It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, and will help the body resist infection and disease. This is a blend the whole family will love and makes a healthy alternative to juice.

Vanilla Rooibos is a red rooibos blended natural vanilla flavor. This blend is simple, sweet with vanilla, and is subtly nutty with rooibos! It is one of our favorites to combine with other teas because it has a way of enhancing the decadence in a blend! It is a wholesome way to appease a sweet tooth, get a dose of antioxidants, and promote wellness.

 Spice of the Month: Black Truffle Sea Salt

I absolutely love truffle anything - many others on our team do as well! It is so tasty as a rub, a salt and seasoning, an olive oil, and so much more!

Our BLACK TRUFFLE SEA SALT is a blend of dried Italian black truffles, sea salt, natural, and artificial flavors.

We love to use this sea salt on meats, pasta, rice dishes, eggs, vegetables, and even popcorn. This month we are featuring the Black Truffle Sea Salt on Diver Sea Scallops! Check out the recipe below! 👇


Essential Oil Blend of the Month: Ginger

GINGER essential oil is has a sweet, spicy, earthy scent! It is best used to support healthy digestion, help reduce occasional nausea, and reduce bloating, gas, and indigestion.

Similar to the Tea Blend of the Month, we like to think that Ginger essential oil is a good transitional oil between the seasons, even if we aren't 100% ready for summer to end. I may not be the biggest Pumpkin Spice gal, but I definitely enjoy a lovely cup of creamy chai during the fall months, especially with a hint of spicy Ginger kick! We used Ginger essential oil in a diffuser blend to help start set the tone for the upcoming fall season. Check out the recipe for it below! 👇

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

We hope your month is successful, in the home, in the workplace and/or at school! Don't forget that our Seasonal Tea Club is shipping out in a couple of weeks! This is not something that you want to miss out on. If you are not a Tea Club Member, join today for some of our favorite seasonal blends!

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