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APPEASE THE FIERCEST SWEET TOOTH: THE DESSERT BOX What's in it? MOCHA MATE Toasted Mate tea blended with dark chocolate chips, natural hazelnut flavor, natural chocolate flavor, and marigold flowers LAVENDER CREME BRÛLÉE Rooibos, natural creme brûlée flavor, lavender, and blue cornflowers BANANA BREAD COFFEE PU ERH Pu Erh tea, red rooibos, diced banana chips, Durango Coffee Co's coffee, marigold flowers, cinnamon chips, and natural flavors BEE POLLEN BLACK Black tea, apple pieces, bee pollen, natural vanilla flavor, marigold flowers STAWBERRY HAZELNUT PU ERH Pu Erh tea leaves blended with strawberries, cocoa nibs, natural strawberry flavor, natural creme flavor, and natural hazelnut flavor VANILLA ROOIBOS Rooibos with natural vanilla flavor

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OBTC ThermosTake your tea with you when you go! OBTC BAMBOO THERMOSThis thermos keeps tea cold or hot all day long! It's durable, leak proof, and it fits in standard sized cup holders, making it easy to travel with. Bring it to work, to school, to the gym, or on a hike! Teas to go with you and your thermos: Pumpkin Pie ChaiFlavor: creamy, rich & dessert-likePrepared: hot with a big scoop of Wildflower Honey & a dash of cream​Caffeine freeGreat for detox & disease prevention! Peppermint & Lemongrass​Flavor: refreshing & herbal Prepared: hot or iced, unsweetened or with a spoonful of Avocado HoneyCaffeine free​Soothing for most common ailments including upset stomach, headaches, sinus issues, & inflammation. Irish Pu ErhFlavor: bright apple and lemongrass...

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AVOCADO, MESQUITE, & WILDFLOWER Raw & Unfiltered Honey EARTHY & VEGETAL AVOCADO HONEY​ What is it? Raw & unfiltered honey made from the blossoms of the avocado plant What is it like? Dark, molasses like, vegetal, & earthy How should I use it? Glaze meats, make home-made salad dressing or barbecue sauce, or add a sweet earthiness to a classic cup of tea like OSMANTHUS OOLONG​! LIGHT & BUTTERY MESQUITE HONEY​ What is it? Raw & unfiltered honey made from the blossoms of the mesquite plant What is it like? Light, buttery, & floral How should I use it? Sweeten any cup of tea, add to a charcuterie board to pair with meats & cheese, or spread on a piece of toast! CARAMEL-LIKE & CLASSIC WILDFLOWER...

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All of us at OBTC love PU ERH TEAS, but IRISH PU ERH is quite unique. It is a bright, fruit-forward, refreshing spin on a Pu Erh Tea blend It is a great workout companion and fitness boosting blend It's ingredients are not Irish in origin but it was inspired by a cute little tea shop in Dublin and is now one of our team favorites. Our Irish Pu Erh was inspired by a blend from Peacock Green, a quaint little tea shop Bailey, one of our owners, found while traveling through Ireland. Bailey says, "Being a Pu Erh lover, I immediately gravitated towards the small selection of Pu Erh teas. A tea blended with Pu Erh, YERBA MATÉ, and LEMONGRASS caught my eye because those are some of my favorite ingredients but I had never...

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Both the Chocolate Orange Pu Erh and Horchata Rooibos are delicious, staff and customer favorites on their own! But when we bring these two teas together in a blend, the flavor is incredible! While steeping the two together, your little tea corner is warm with the cinnamon and chocolate flavors! These two teas bring a lot of great health benefits to you in one cup as well! The Health BenefitsI've talked lots about Pu Erh Teas! In short, Chocolate Orange Pu Erh tea is good for: Digestion Metabolism Bloating Weight loss And it contains the same probiotics and microbes as yogurt! Rooibos teas are good for: Headaches Stress relief Allergy and asthma relief Stomach cramps Immune boosting And skin conditions! The BlendThis blend is in...

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