Pu erh tea leaves blended with yerba mate, lemongrass, apple pieces, natural apple flavor, and rose hips.


When visiting Ireland we tasted a tea called "Pu Erh Fitness Tea." Unlike most Pu Erh blends, this one was fruity, bright, and refreshing: we decided to recreate it! Throughout the process of replicating this bright apple-forward blend we referred to it as "The Irish Pu Erh."


This blend is energizing, promotes healthy digestion, reduces inflammation, is high in antioxidants and boosts metabolism. Irish Pu Erh is a great gym companion because of its many benefits but tastes so good we tend to keep a pitcher of it iced in the refrigerator. If you prefer a sweeter tea we recommend pairing with OBTC's Mesquite Honey. We personally prefer this particular blend served unsweetened and poured over ice!

Apple season has us craving this blend daily.

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  • Frank DiCicco

    A couple of years ago I purchased the Irish Pu Erh tea and love it!! I want to replenish the supply but don’t see that title on the website? Is the name different now? My label simply says Irish Pu Erh…so if I order which tea is the same one? Thanks for your time :)

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