OBTC Thermos
Take your tea with you when you go!
This thermos keeps tea cold or hot all day long! It's durable, leak proof, and it fits in standard sized cup holders, making it easy to travel with. Bring it to work, to school, to the gym, or on a hike!
Teas to go with you and your thermos:
Pumpkin Pie Chai

Flavor: creamy, rich & dessert-like

Prepared: hot with a big scoop of Wildflower Honey & a dash of cream

Caffeine free

Great for detox & disease prevention!
Peppermint & Lemongrass

Flavor: refreshing & herbal 

Prepared: hot or iced, unsweetened or with a spoonful of Avocado Honey

Caffeine free

Soothing for most common ailments including upset stomach, headaches, sinus issues, & inflammation.
Irish Pu Erh

Flavor: bright apple and lemongrass with earthy pu erh and yerba mate

Prepared: iced or hot, unsweetened or with a spoonful of Mesquite Honey

Moderate caffeine

​Great for digestion, weight loss, & energy!
Belizean Sorrel Guayusa

Flavor: tangy and bright with hibiscus and schisandra berries, and a cinnamon kick

Prepared: iced with a big spoonful of Mesquite Honey

Moderate caffeine

​Packed with antioxidants & vitamins!
Strawberry Hazelnut Pu Erh

Flavor: decadent, sweet, nutty & woodsy 

Prepared: hot with a spoonful of Wildflower Honey and a dash of cream

High in caffeine

​Great substitute for coffee!

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