APRIL 2020

Congratulations - we finally made it to April! I think it's pretty safe to say at this point that 2020 is definitely taking us on a trip that we will not forget! But fear not - hopefully this email will give you a moment of positive relief from the crazy world around us, and maybe give you something to look forward to trying from OBTC! Read below and learn about our tea, spice, and essential oil of the month!

Tea of the Month: White Peach & Honeysuckle Blossom Oolong

White Peach is one of our matriarch's favorite teas. Blended with white tea, dried peaches, marigold flowers, and natural flavors, this tea is full of antioxidants, is low in caffeine, contains amino acids, aids in weight loss, boosts neurological health, promotes skin health, and is full of peach flavor!

Honeysuckle Blossom Oolong is blended with honeysuckle blossoms, lemongrass, apple pieces, marigold flowers, and natural flavors. We love oolong tea because it is great for both increasing mental alertness and promoting relaxation - a perfect combination we love for tasks that requires mental energy and focus! Lemongrass, being a powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, will help to reduce muscle and joint pain, while fighting off sicknesses, perfect with COVID-19 circulating around!

Try this blend iced, with or without a dash of honey, for a tasty floral treat this Spring!


Spice of the Month: New Mexico All-Purpose Seasoning

New Mexico All-Purpose Seasoning has to be my FAVORITE seasoning ever! Yes, I realize that may sound a little (okay, maybe a lot) biased - but if you tried it, I think you might agree. I come from the south, with your typical southern foods, many of which are fried, and growing up I did not have a lot of spice in my diet; with the exception of Garlic Salt, which is a STAPLE in the southern diet. Prior to living in New Mexico, this girl could not handle ANY food with ANY amount of spice, or heat... a story which is NOT true anymore. In my time in New Mexico, I had so many southwestern dishes, full of so much flavor and spice. Now, living in South Carolina, OBTC's New Mexico All-Purpose Seasoning is a NECESSITY in my kitchen. Very rare goes a day where this seasoning is not being used.

Blended with fire roasted hatch green chilé, red chile, roasted bell peppers, and spices, it can be used on anything that you want to add an abundance of New Mexican flavor and spice to! Excellent on meats, soups, guacamole, vegetables, eggs and homemade tortilla chips. Check out our New Mexico Style Deviled Eggs recipe

Essential Oils of the Month: Rosemary & Clary Sage

A couple of days ago, we sent an email about Rosemary and Clary Sage blended together. We love the blend and it's health benefits so much, that we wanted to make it our Essential Oil blend of the month!

Rosemary and Clary Sage can help to soothe nervousness and increase feelings of wellness while boosting mental focus. This blend is great for meditation, yoga, or to diffuse in a hot shower or bath before bed: Clary Sage is mildly sedative and both of these oils are soothing for many common ailments including cough, congestion, digestive problems, and hormonal imbalance. Also, both are thought to be aphrodisiacs! (Hubba hubba!)

2 drops in each palm will make you want to close your eyes and forget the world for a while as you deeply inhale this intoxicating duo. It feels like your sinuses are opening up and like your mind is totally invigorated by the scent: It just makes you feel present for a moment, which is a feeling we are cherishing more than ever.


We hope that you are staying safe and healthy during these difficult and trying times! Here's hoping that this cloud passes quickly, and that while it passes you can find a moment of peace enjoying a cup of tea, cooking for yourself or your family, or inhaling some essential oils.

🌱  Maggie & the OBTC Family

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