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espresso martini made with our tea of the month ☕️ ✨ ☕️ ✨ ☕️ Winter Cabin, our tea of the month, has flavors of rich coffee, creamy chocolate and hints of peppermint! Made with Winter Cabin, creamed Honey, your favorite vodka, and a coffee liqueur, this espresso martini is MADE for celebration! HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED FROM US: Winter Cabin Creamed Honey INGREDIENTS: 1 ounce of vodka 1/2 ounce of coffee liqueur 2 ounces of boiling water 3 tsp. OBTC Winter Cabin tea 1 tsp. OBTC Creamed Honey espresso beans for garnish INSTRUCTIONS: Make a tea concentrate by steeping Winter Cabin in hot water for at least 15 minutes. Remove the infuser (letting your tea free float then straining after steeping is also effective) and...

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Mexican Hot Chocolate chocolate ∙ red chile ∙ hazelnut 🤎 ❄️ 🍫 the hot chocolate you've been waiting for Mexican Hot Chocolate tea is blended naturally sweet, rich, and chocolatey ingredients and has notes of hazelnut, cinnamon, and a hint of Hatch, New Mexico Red Chile powder. This blend captures everything you love about a classic hot chocolate and MORE! Not to mention it is a whole lot healthier. We recommend serving Mexican Hot Chocolate with a dollop of our Mexican Vanilla Bean Honey and a splash of cream. Top with homemade whipped cream or marshmallows. ✨ This tea is energizing, immune boosting and is rich in antioxidants. Drink in the a.m. as a coffee substitute while opening presents on Christmas morning! Try adding a...

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red chile ❤️ heart healthy + immune boosting ❤️ There's a reason why New Mexicans are obsessed with chile. The simple answer is because Chile has been grown in New Mexico for hundreds of years. 🤯 Hatch, New Mexico is a small little town where our famous chile is grown. In fact, it is the Chile Capital of the world! Hatch chile has a very distinct taste. It has the perfect amount of heat, a subtle tang, an earthy characteristic and even a hint of sweetness. Many people credit this to the valley where it is grown. The soil there is rocky and rugged and the climate dry and hot. It is safe to say that our chile is world famous....

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As a small business from New Mexico, we love creating products that celebrate the rich culture and flavors from our home state. This time of year is special in New Mexico—chile wreaths hang on doors, luminaries illuminate the night, and friends and family gather to share big pots of spicy green chile stew and red chile posole. We hope you spend this holiday soaking up all the love and get to indulge in your favorite foods and drinks! Check out our New Mexican products. ⬇ Loose leaf tea made with New Mexico grown ingredients and inspired by our home state: Mexican Hot Chocolate This blend is decadent with chocolate and spicy with cinnamon and Hatch, New Mexico red chile! It is...

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peppermint mocha maté + methods for the best brew the holiday season in a cup. 🎄 ✨ 🎄 ✨ 🎄 Mint chocolate is a staple flavor for the holiday season and we have a tea that captures that beloved Girl Scout thin mint flavor - Peppermint Mocha Maté. This tea has flavors of creamy chocolate, peppermint, and hazelnut. It is a caffeinated and cozy blend, making it a lovely tea to drink on chilly mornings. We recommend serving Peppermint Mocha Maté hot with a teaspoon of honey and a generous pour of cream. Sip on this tea while baking your favorite holiday treats, watching holiday movies, or while wrapping gifts. Peppermint & Mocha Mate MADE WITH: Dried peppermint leaves, toasted maté tea,...

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