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Composting Made Easy + tea leaves you should definitely throw in your heap.  🌱 🌱 🌱 Composting is a mutually beneficial practice for the Earth and yourself, as your food scraps can add nitrogen, moisture and carbon to your planting soil that allow your plants to grow healthy and strong. Composting is one of the easiest ways to reduce your waste and pretty much everyone can do it! Whether you live in a house with a backyard or an apartment in the city, there is a method of composting for you! 3 Methods of Composting: If you don't have access to a yard, try vermicomposting! This method utilizes the power of worms (and their poop) and is low maintenance and inexpensive. You...

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Feeling fruit-tea? Grow your own fruit garden to amp up your iced tea game. 🍉 🌿 🍓 It is officially iced tea season! One of our favorite things to add to iced tea is fresh fruit and herbs, especially if it is harvested from the garden! Adding fresh fruit and herbs to your teas can compliment and highlight flavors, making your iced tea sipping just that much more enjoyable. This Patio Punch Grow Kit features watermelon, strawberry and mint seeds ready to be planted! ⬇ Patio Punch Seed Starter Trio Start by sprouting your seeds indoors, then transplant the biodegradable CowPot outside, directly into a garden or patio container. The tray is made in the USA out of up-cycled cow manure, which is 100%...

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EARTH DAY 4/22/22 🌻

E a r t h 🌍 D a y 3 easy ideas to celebrate Mother Nature Earth Day is right around the corner! While any day is a great day to make good decisions on behalf of Mother Nature, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to start some healthy habits for the year! Check out these 3 easy ways to celebrate Mother Earth this Friday, April 22nd. ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎ 1. Host a plant party. Invite some of your favorite people over to pot plants! You can choose a variety that absorb CO2 and improve indoor air quality (such as peace lilies, snake plants or golden pothos), plants that require minimal watering (like succulents) or edible herbs (which will reduce the need to...

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ATTENTION EARTH DWELLERS When you buy a tree, another gets planted. 🌲 🌳 🌲 🌳 🌲 We are so thankful to the Earth for all she gives us, and we understand that when we take from the earth, we must give back. Modern Sprout is on a mission to help reforest the future! For every tree growing kit purchased, a donation is made to plant a tree. 18.7 million acres of forest are lost each year. Every tree planted helps offset this loss, forming a brighter future for all of us. American Sycamore One-For-One Tree Kit Loblolly Pine One-For-One Tree Kit What's included in your kit? Tree Kits feature carefully selected seed types that will thrive in most parts of the country....

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Pollination Station How to plant a pollinator friendly garden in a changing climate: Pollinators play a very important role in plant reproduction and are needed to support healthy ecosystems. We think of bees when we think of pollinators but there are so many more! Birds, bats, butterflies, moths, small mammals, beetles, and even flies are pollinators. Humans rely on pollinators for survival, as we rely on plants as a food source and for medicines. The changing climate is impacting pollinators by shifting growing and blooming seasons and weakening the plant populations that pollinators depend on. Every gardener can make small changes in their gardening practice to encourage the health of their local pollinators. Here's how to get started. ⬇ HERE...

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