EARTH DAY 4/22/22 🌻

E a r t h 🌍 D a y

3 easy ideas to celebrate Mother Nature

Earth Day is right around the corner! While any day is a great day to make good decisions on behalf of Mother Nature, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to start some healthy habits for the year! Check out these 3 easy ways to celebrate Mother Earth this Friday, April 22nd.


1. Host a plant party.

Invite some of your favorite people over to pot plants! You can choose a variety that absorb CO2 and improve indoor air quality (such as peace lilies, snake plants or golden pothos), plants that require minimal watering (like succulents) or edible herbs (which will reduce the need to buy pre-packaged herbs at the grocery store). To start, lay a piece of organic material over a countertop, table or ground outside; then put out a handful of seeds or starter plants, some thrifted pots/old cans/jars/bowls and grab some soil and get planting!

Pro tip: Serve herbaceous tea cocktails or mocktails while you plant.

2. Cut food waste.

Make a plan to reduce your food waste. Spend a little time going through your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to identify any items that are at risk of expiring, then look up recipes with those ingredients and put them on your weekly menu. You may surprise yourself by discovering a new favorite recipe! Remember, what is out of sight is out of mind, so keeping all food items visible and organized will help you avoid waste. This mission to clear out food storage is always easier if you and your housemates approach it as a team, so talk to your partner/kids/roomies about tackling the challenge together.

Pro tip: Storage is often where usable things go to become forgotten, broken, or outdated - so raid your closet, junk drawers, toiletries, beauty products, and any other storage you have to ensure you are giving purpose to all the things in your home.

3. Treat yourself with reusables.

The U.S. alone consumes more than 50 billion plastic water bottles annually, so committing to a reusable water bottle and thermos can make a big difference. It is easy to get kids excited about opting for res-usable when you let them pick out a bottle and deck it out with stickers! A reusable water bottle takes less oil to produce and replaces all the plastics that end up polluting the earth. While you're at it, get yourself some reusable shopping bags, food storage (beeswax wrap and silicon bags) and other household reusables. Splurge a little on setting yourself up for establishing earth-friendly habits.

Pro tip: Commit to cleaning out containers that food and beauty products come in to reuse later. Pickle jars are the new tupperware that you wont care if your friends and family return or keep, and many beauty product/skin care containers can be used later for DIY projects.

Waste less. Reuse more. 


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