When you buy a tree, another gets planted.

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We are so thankful to the Earth for all she gives us, and we understand that when we take from the earth, we must give back. Modern Sprout is on a mission to help reforest the future! For every tree growing kit purchased, a donation is made to plant a tree. 18.7 million acres of forest are lost each year. Every tree planted helps offset this loss, forming a brighter future for all of us.

American Sycamore One-For-One Tree Kit

Loblolly Pine One-For-One Tree Kit

What's included in your kit?

Tree Kits feature carefully selected seed types that will thrive in most parts of the country. Along with the non-GMO seeds, the kits also include a 100% biodegradable cow manure pot, a coco grow medium (soil), and growing instructions.

Read more on about, how much sun your tree will need, outside planting care and more. ⬇

Tree Kit Info

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