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DIY Car Freshener with pink grapefruit essential oil This essential oil air freshener is a natural and safer way to get your car smelling amazing without extra chemicals. We used Pink Grapefruit essential oil in this DIY because of its vibrant, sweet, and energizing citrus aroma! Diffuse on your way back home from work or on the way to the gym for an energy boost. THINGS YOU NEED: car essential oil diffuser (we found these online with a quick google search) vodka Pink Grapefruit EO DIRECTIONS: Fill the bottle halfway with vodka and the half with Pink Grapefruit to create a 50/50 mix. Put the wooden cap back on the bottle and tip the bottle over to saturate the cap. Craving a fruity and...

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DIY Room Spray 🌼 with spring cleaning essential oils 🌼 This essential oil room spray is super easy to make and smells like fresh citrus and pine! The oils in this spray are naturally deodorizing, antibacterial and antifungal. Pine Needle essential oil, one of the key ingredients in this DIY, is one the best essential oils for purifying the air. THINGS YOU NEED: 1/8 cup Witch Hazel (helps bind the essential oils which helps the aroma linger in the room longer.) small spray bottle (The one we used for this recipe is 3.4 oz) distilled water 7 drops of Lemon EO 8 drops of Bergamot EO 5 drops of Pine Needle EO DIRECTIONS: Add your witch hazel and essential oils to the bottle, top off with water and shake. Spray in...

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Uplift & Refresh Spring is right around the corner, and that fresh, warm season always inspires cleanliness and that feeling of wanting to start anew. Incorporating essential oils into your life is one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of natural healing and to bring nature indoors! Use some uplifting oils this spring to make your own custom essential oil blend, natural perfumes, room sprays, earth-friendly cleaning products, or even for wholesome skin care products! Citrus Oils for Cleanliness & Mood Boosting Use these essential oils to welcome spring! These are especially useful for your spring cleaning projects and to promote feelings of playfulness and cheer. 🌸 Lemon Essential Oil Add Lemon Essential Oil to spray bottles with...

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DIY Hair, Skin & Cuticle Oil with essential oils Using essential oils in your self care routine is a game changer! In this DIY, we are focusing on skin and hair health because we feel so dry and brittle in the winter months! The Cedarwood essential oil in this mixture is naturally antibacterial and soothes conditions like acne and eczema, while the Rosemary in this blend works to promote hair growth as it moisturizes the scalp and strengthens your hair follicles. THINGS YOU NEED: carrier oil of your choice (Grapeseed oil for blemish prone skin, jojoba oil for oily skin, almond oil for dry skin, rosehip seed oil for aging skin.) 1 oz glass dropper bottle 6 drops of vitamin E oil 7 drops...

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Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil To improve the appearance of skin, particularly in regards to acne, add Pink Grapefruit to your nightly skin care routine by mixing with an unscented face moisturizer. Add Pink Grapefruit to a salt body scrub or body polish for a glowy complexion, or to combat body acne. More skin healthy essential oils ⬇︎ Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil Tea Tree Essential Oil Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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