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INGREDIENTS Pu erh tea leaves blended with yerba mate, lemongrass, apple pieces, natural apple flavor, and rose hips. INSPIRATION When visiting Ireland we tasted a tea called "Pu Erh Fitness Tea." Unlike most Pu Erh blends, this one was fruity, bright, and refreshing: we decided to recreate it! Throughout the process of replicating this bright apple-forward blend we referred to it as "The Irish Pu Erh." WHY WE LOVE IT This blend is energizing, promotes healthy digestion, reduces inflammation, is high in antioxidants and boosts metabolism. Irish Pu Erh is a great gym companion because of its many benefits but tastes so good we tend to keep a pitcher of it iced in the refrigerator. If you prefer a sweeter...

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BLOOD ORANGE and LEMONGRASS is a lightly tart blend full of citrus flavors! It is naturally caffeine free, immune boosting and antioxidant rich! We love to sip on this iced tea all day long throughout the summer to stay hydrated and cool! The Health BenefitsBlood Orange Tea High in Vitamin C Feeds good intestinal bacteria Detoxifies the body Strengthens immunity Treats high blood pressure and cholesterol Protects the liver Lemongrass Relieves menstrual pains Full of antioxidants Regulates high blood pressure Boosts metabolism and burns fat Helps with achy joints and muscles Prevents the growth of some bacteria and yeasts May provide relief from fevers and the common cold The BlendThis blend is 1 part Blood Orange Tea to every 1 part Lemongrass,...

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BLUEBERRY TEA has been a part of Old Barrel Tea Company since the beginning! It is full of dried blueberries and apple pieces, with some added tartness from the dried hibiscus! We love blending it with LEMONGRASS, MOUNTAIN SUNRISE, and WILD STRAWBERRY!Last summer, we introduced LAVENDER SAGE LEMONADE, and it has quickly become a team favorite as well! We loved how Lavender Sage Lemonade blended so well with TROPICAL BLACK to create a tropical, fruity, floral and herbal OBTC Arnold Palmer!We recently combined Blueberry and Lavender Sage Lemonade together - what a refreshing treat, right in time for summer! As you enjoy this blend, you taste blueberry and some hibiscus tartness, followed by lavender and sage! The Health BenefitsBlueberry Tea Rich in...

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Everyday leading up to Valentine's Day, we posted some of the blends we love and why we love them! Here is a recap of all 14 amazing blends! FEBRUARY 1: MOCHA MATÉ & BERRY Prepared hot and served with honey.Our team likes to refer to this blend as Chocolate Covered Berries!Mocha Mate is one of the higher caffeinated teas that OBTC carries. It gives you the energy without the jitters or the crash that coffee can sometimes cause! It is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and is a fat burner!​Berry is also high in antioxidants! In our Berry blend is hibiscus, which helps lower high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. FEBRUARY 2: POMEGRANATE GREEN & PEPPERMINT​Served iced with Desert Wildflower Honey & fresh squeezed lime (and a dash of ginger ale & rum - a mojito...

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It’s January 2019! Happy New Year! Many people love to start fresh, get a new perspective, be healthier, strive to do better in the new year! Since we at OBTC love all things tea, we combined our White Peach & Cleanse teas in January of last year, to provide a tea option to help us cleanse and detox for the new year (or anytime really)! We love the blend so much that we continued blending, sampling and serving it throughout the year, and we want all tea lovers to know about it! White Peach has been a team and guest favorite since the beginning of OBTC! Our White Peach tea is a white tea blended with apricots, natural peach flavor, and marigold flowers! We love this tea...

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