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A NEW MEXICAN STAPLE:​ Red & Green Chile Powder In New Mexico we ask "Red, Green, or Christmas?"Hatch chile is just the best there is! That's why our herbalist and master blender made the trip straight to the source to find the best quality New Mexican chile. While in Hatch, she met Edgar, the owner and farmer of Grajeda Farms. He has a jolly smile, the sweetest personality, and the best chile in New Mexico. In honor of Christmas, we wanted to share with you this New Mexican staple: a flavor that we frequently use to add a New Mexico flare to traditional dishes during the holiday season!Our red and green chile powder add a warming flavor to any dish: they have a unique balance of brightly...

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| Cook and Prep Time: 45 minutes |Ingredients: 1 large english cucumber 1 large vine tomato ⅛ c Tea Seed Oil Infused with Garlic & Black Pepper 2 Tbsp red wine vinegar 1 tsp OBTC Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (or to taste)​ Directions: Dice your tomato and your english cucumber (we like to leave the skin on the cucumber). Toss diced tomatoes and cucumbers into a bowl. Add your OBTC Tea Seed Oil with Garlic & Black Pepper, your red wine vinegar, and your OBTC Pink Himalayan Sea Salt into the bowl with the tomatoes and cucumbers. Mix everything thoroughly. Serve as a side with your favorite protein and enjoy!

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HAPPY MATCHA TIME MATCHA PECAN PIE PU ERH  If you're looking for something to kick start your day look no further: drink this combo and buzz around like a little energized matcha bunny. This combo is a powerhouse for digestion, metabolism, and energy.   Decadent. Rich. Dessert-like. MATCHA BERRY GINGERReduce inflammation, improve immunity, and decrease risk of disease with this bright blend. If you're one of those who drinks iced tea even during the winter you might like this combo (and if that's wrong we don't want to be right).Tangy. Citric. Spicy. MATCHA LAVENDER CREME BRÛLÉEBoost skin and bone health, calm your mind, and  soothe your body with this comforting treat. This combination is so delicious you'll be inclined to skip dessert… or...

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Cocktail ingredients: 4 oz pear infused vodka 4 oz St. Germain 1 oz lime juice freshly squeezed Pears - sliced (1-2 slices per serving) Black Truffle Sea Salt OBTC Wildflower Honey Directions: Start by taking your pear slices & drizzling with OBTC Wildflower Honey. Channel your inner chef and lightly sprinkle all honey-coated slices with the Black Truffle Sea Salt. Pear infused vodka, St. Germain, and freshly squeezed lime juice with ice thoroughly.  Strain into a pre-chilled martini glass. Float 1-2 slices of your honey drizzled, black truffle salt sprinkled pears on top and enjoy with your favorite humans!

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DECEMBER 2019 It's the most wonderful time of the year... And quite possibly the busiest time of the year as well! Gift shopping, holiday parties, final exams, and more family get-togethers! We have lots of festive teas and recipes to keep up with the hustle and bustle! Read more below! Tea of the Month: Mocha Mate and Peppermint Thin Mint Cookie! Mocha Mate boosts energy and improves mental focus without the jittery side effects. It is antioxidant and vitamin rich and is a fat burner. Peppermint relieves stress and anxiety, prevents nausea, and relieves cold and flu symptoms. All of the perfect benefits needed during this busy and chilly season, right??Mocha Mate and Peppermint is blended with toasted mate tea, dark chocolate chips, natural hazelnut flavor, natural...

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