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(Cook and Prep Time: 45 minutes)Ingredients: 2 cups of quinoa (tricolor optional) 4 cups boiling water 2 tsp olive oil 6 tsp OBTC CREAMY HERB SALAD DRESSING 3 cloves minced garlic Pinch of salt to taste 2 tbsp chicken bouillon (optional to taste)​ Instructions: Rinse quinoa to remove any dust. In a medium pot, heat 2 tsp olive oil, add quinoa and garlic cloves and toast on low for approximately 5-8 minutes, or until quinoa has a slight nutty smell. Once Quinoa is toasted, add 4 cups of boiling water, creamy herb dressing, and chicken Bouillon. Stir well, adding more herb dressing to desired taste. Cover, let simmer for 10-15 minutes, or until all liquid has evaporated and quinoa is fluffy....

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For those of you that know our family, you know we LOVE food! We especially love to see how other cultures enjoy food and prepare meals.  While American dishes tend to have many ingredients, complex flavors, and are usually in some capacity fusion, we love the simplicity and indulgent nature of authentic Italian dishes which tend to rely heavily on the quality of the ingredients vs the complexity of the flavor.  This very simple pasta dish is inspired by the small, family-owned Italian restaurants we've visited when traveling through Italy but it has a distinct OBTC twist: it is made with Tea Seed Oil!  Ingredients Pasta of you choice (we used Orecchiette) Tea Seed Oil infused with Rosemary & Sencha Green Tea Choice...

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IngredientsLavender Extract ½ cup OBTC LAVENDER FLOWERS 1 pint Vodka 1 pint Mason Jar Lemon Cupcakes Duncan Hines Lemon Cake Mix ⅓ cup mayonnaise Lavender Buttercream ½ cup salted butter (softened) ½ cup shortening 4 cups powdered sugar 2-3 tbsp milk ½ tsp Mexican Vanilla Extract 1 tbsp Lavender Extract Violet icing OBTC LAVENDER FLOWERS DirectionsLavender Extract Add  ½ cup Lavender Flowers to Mason Jar. Add 1 pint of Vodka. Leave it in the cabinet for 2-6 weeks. Strain and keep for as long as needed. Lemon Cupcakes Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Follow directions on the Duncan Hines Package to make the cupcakes. While mixing the wet ingredients, add in ⅓ cup of mayonnaise. Bake in the oven for...

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​Have you noticed the recent hype of turmeric and TURMERIC POWDER? It's hard not to! We are seeing this spice more and more in today's food and drink recipes! We even have guests coming into our stores asking about a Turmeric tea! But why? What's so special about turmeric? Turmeric is a plant that grows in Asia and Central America.  We commonly see it ground into a powder on spice shelves. Turmeric is traditionally used to flavor curry and other Indian dishes!The active ingredient in Turmeric is called curcumin, and it comes with lots of health benefits! Turmeric also contains iron, manganese, potassium and Vitamin C, according to the USDA.Some of the benefits of Turmeric include: Reduces inflammation and relieves pain - especially due to arthritis aggravation. Digestive aide - Studies show that turmeric in our...

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| Created by Paola Huffmon |(Cook and Prep Time: 30 minutes)​Ingredients:1 can chickpeas2 Tbsp roasted sesame oil⅛  cup extra virgin olive oil1 Tbsp OBTC TURMERIC POWDER2 cloves of garlic (roasted with olive oil and salt)3-4 Tbsp of fresh lemon juice2 Tbsp water1 tsp OBTC NEW MEXICO ALL PURPOSE SEASONING¼  cup tahini½  tsp pepper½  tsp lemon pepper1 tsp smoked paprika Directions: In a small sauce pan, roast your garlic cloves in olive oil and sea salt until golden brown.  Drain and rinse chickpeas. Add all ingredients to a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth. If your hummus is too thick, simply add 1-3 Tbsp of water to the blender. Enjoy with roasted pitas, vegetables, or on a salad. 

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