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Celebrating Our First Trip Around The Sun in Flagstaff, Arizona 🌲 🌞 🌲 Get the scoop on our story, customer favorites, and more about this tiny tea shop! WHERE THE PINES MEET THE DESERT Flagstaff is surrounded by mountains, desert, and ponderosa pines, making it a quirky, friendly, and adventurous place! The small city is one of Arizona's truest gems. A ski resort, national monuments, Native American pueblo sites ,and cliff dwellings are just a few things that give Flagstaff so much personality. The downtown area where our little tea shop is located attracts visitors from all over the world, and the locals as well! This weekend we are celebrating our first year anniversary of this location being open. We are so...

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BUILDING COMMUNITY: Taking A Chance and Being a YES Person This month we are taking the time to reflect on and exercise our ability to connect with others. Human connection is such a vital thing to our well being, and we are ready to explore all opportunities to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level this summer! When we connect with others, we feel a deeper sense of belonging and purpose that feeds our overall happiness! Finding a place in a community is the easiest way to get your foot in the door! Whether that be through a monthly dinner date with friends, establishing bonds with co-workers, collaborative work, or joining a class, team, or club - all...

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Celebrating 4 Years In Mesilla, New Mexico 🌵  get the scoop on our story 🌵 customer favorites and more inside 🌵 SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY. IT'S WHAT WE DO This week marks a special occasion for our little tea company - it's our 4 year anniversary of sipping (usually iced) tea down south in the warm, yet completely enchanting desert. When you walk into the Old Barrel Tea Co. in Mesilla you are pleasantly greeted with bursts of vibrant color - the thing that the Mesilla store is known for, as their community is rich in diversity, flavor and culture.  Our team in Mesilla is composed of some of the most relatable, hospitable, and hard working people who are tea obsessed and always ready...

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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY 🌸🌸🌸 the best life lessons our moms ever taught us mom (noun): The one who loves you unconditionally from your first heartbeat to her last breath. The one who knows how to make you feel better when you are having a bad day. The one who will always be on your side. The one you can't live without. (See also: 'hero', 'superwoman', 'badass female') 🌸 What Our Moms Taught Us 🌸 💐 “No dejes que se te cierre el mundo.” My mom has always told me this. It translates to “Don’t let the world shut on you.” It means you always have options and you should never feel stuck. I’m super grateful to have learned so much...

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Celebrating 3 Years In Durango, Colorado  🌿 get the scoop on our story, customer favorites, and more inside 🌿 🌲🌲🌲 TEA TIME IN THE PINES This Sunday marks a special occasion for our little tea company - it's our 3 year anniversary of sipping tea up in the pines in Durango, Colorado. This location was the first one established outside of New Mexico, and it's become a true gem to us and the locals. This vibrant and playful town welcomed us with open arms, and our passion for celebrating a healthy life full of flavor matched the quirky and happy mountain town perfectly.  Today our team in Durango is composed of some of the most friendly, loving, and excited people who are...

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