Celebrating Our First Trip Around

The Sun in Flagstaff, Arizona

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Get the scoop on our story, customer favorites, and more about this tiny tea shop!


Flagstaff is surrounded by mountains, desert, and ponderosa pines, making it a quirky, friendly, and adventurous place! The small city is one of Arizona's truest gems. A ski resort, national monuments, Native American pueblo sites ,and cliff dwellings are just a few things that give Flagstaff so much personality. The downtown area where our little tea shop is located attracts visitors from all over the world, and the locals as well! This weekend we are celebrating our first year anniversary of this location being open. We are so grateful for the love this beautiful and supportive community has shown us during such an uncertain time over the past year. 

Our team in Flagstaff is close-knit and supportive. Each team member has unique strengths they bring to the shop. They are co-workers and friends, which makes the best combination! Eleanor, the store manager, and her teammates Hannah and Kristen love hanging out outside of work, enjoying food and drinks, getting creative, and staying active together outside!



This quaint and cozy OBTC store is our smallest location (around 300 square feet), but incredibly well put together and intentional. When you walk into the Flagstaff OBTC, the golden light fills the room and illuminates the historic charm of the building. The greenery and foliage in the store soaks up the sun all day, while aromas of freshly brewed tea swirl about. Flagstaff's space is sincerely inviting and comforting, and is somewhere you want to spend all day in.

A typical day in historic downtown Flagstaff consists of shop owners and workers chatting on the sidewalk to share ideas, four-legged regulars stopping by for their daily treat, and our team sharing their knowledge and love for tea with anyone who walks into the tea shop. Eleanor, the store manager, has extra-special ties to the lovely little city, as her great-great grandfather managed a store in the early 1900's just around the corner from where the tea shop is now! 


As a small family business, OBTC understands the importance of supporting local creators, so we love to collaborate with those who offer something unique.  You can find many local unique treasures in our shop!

Here's a few of our favs in our Flagstaff store... you should definitely check these creators out on instagram! 🙂


Kristen Wold's Clay Earrings @wildwolddesigns

Little Cabin Soaps @littlecabinsoaps

Bee Well @beewellaz

Barrel Essentials @barrel_essentials


The locals and visitors of Flagstaff have spoken, and their favorite thing at the Flagstaff store is the local honey! Did you know that all of our honey is raw and unfiltered? This means the bees pollinate certain plants, which produces a type of honey unique in its flavor, texture, and appearance! It also means that there are no additives or preservatives added to our honey - it is all 100% natural (just the way the bees make it)!


White Peach

Lavender Sage Lemonade

Bee Pollen Black

Enchanted Lavender Earl Grey

About us.

We're a female run family business.
We drink tea and tisanes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the time in between.
We don't put our pinkies up while drinking tea.
We use honey in our tea, but we also use honey as medicine & for skin care.
We love to cook & we love to eat.
We're flavor obsessed & wellness oriented.
We are united by the hedonistic belief that wellness should be a pleasure.
Happy tea time friends!

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