the best life lessons our

moms ever taught us

mom (noun):

The one who loves you unconditionally from your first heartbeat to her last breath.

The one who knows how to make you feel better when you are having a bad day.

The one who will always be on your side.

The one you can't live without.

(See also: 'hero', 'superwoman', 'badass female')

🌸 What Our Moms Taught Us 🌸

💐 “No dejes que se te cierre el mundo.” My mom has always told me this. It translates to “Don’t let the world shut on you.” It means you always have options and you should never feel stuck. I’m super grateful to have learned so much growing up with an immigrant, single mom. It taught me the importance of being resourceful and the importance of hard work. 

- Paola -

🌷 My mom taught me the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, that working hard will lead to great success, and that laughter is always the cure for sad times. 

- Kourtney -

🌻 My mom taught me that no matter what happens, be kind especially to the people that aren't because they are hurting inside. My mom laughed so much and was always the life of the party. Though her days were limited, they were so very full. I feel like her motto in life was "yes." She wanted to experience it all.

- Nenada -

🌹 My mom taught me to laugh, sing, dance, and enjoy life. She fueled my love of tea for as for as long as I can remember.  She showed me that you don’t have to be a perfect mom and mistakes will be made... but giving lots of love creates a life of love and confidence. 

- Dana -

🌺 My mom taught me to never settle for less than than I deserve and that even amid challenges, laughter and silliness can be the best healers. 

- Eleanor -

My mom taught me that happiness is not something that is given but a perspective we can choose. She taught me that life is delicate and that we are lucky to be here so we should focus on enjoying life and try to let stress go.

- Bailey -

🌸 My mom taught me to never let other people tell me who I should be. She always encouraged me to be exactly who I am and to always stay true to my heart. From her I learned to be independent, speak my mind and to show compassion towards others.  

- Hannah -

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