Taking A Chance and Being a YES Person

This month we are taking the time to reflect on and exercise our ability to connect with others. Human connection is such a vital thing to our well being, and we are ready to explore all opportunities to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level this summer! When we connect with others, we feel a deeper sense of belonging and purpose that feeds our overall happiness! Finding a place in a community is the easiest way to get your foot in the door! Whether that be through a monthly dinner date with friends, establishing bonds with co-workers, collaborative work, or joining a class, team, or club - all of these are forms of community that can feed your heart.

So, how do you start? What's the first step to achieve that wonderful sense of belonging that feeds your innate sense to connect with others? 


Read more on what being a yes person means, and how being this person elevates your entire human experience and helps you form connections that feed your heart and soul. 


Ok, maybe not everything. But when your new coworkers invite you out after work, say YES. When your niece wants to dress up as astronaut fairies, say YES. When you have a longing desire to travel to Germany or just to a different town a few hours away, say YES. (You can say yes to yourself too.) When a stranger asks if the seat next to you is taken say NO, but also say YES by starting a conversation with them. The point is to be spontaneous and purposefully put yourself in uncomfy positions. By doing so, you are challenging yourself, and a lot of the times this results in growth! After you say YES, it opens the door to endless possibilities. It may result in you finding the love of your life, landing your dream job, or finding your best friend that you will have for the rest of your life. Regardless of any outcome, you won anyways. When we un-clench our fists, we unleash potential.

We are all different, and that's why humans like each other. 

Our differences are what make us unique individuals, and are what give each of us some ✨ spice ✨. After all, we really wouldn't enjoy being friends or a spouse to someone who is exactly like us. As the world wakes up, it has become incredibly apparent that we are stronger, happier, and healthier when we live with an open mind, an open heart, an abundance of empathy and a will to appreciate each other, despite all of our differences.

Drink your tea, practice gratitude and say YES!

🌱 love, OBTC 🌱

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